Gemini ES-210MX-BLU 300W RMS Dual Bluetooth Mixer DJ PA System

Gemini ES-210MX-BLU 300W RMS Dual Bluetooth Mixer DJ PA System

Denon DJ DN-X1600 Professional 4 Channel Digital USB Effects Mixer

Denon DJ DN-X1600 Professional 4 Channel Digital USB Effects Mixer

Alto LIVE 1604 Professional DSP Effects 16 Channel Live Band Mixer

Alto LIVE 1604 16 Channel Live Mixer

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In a band? Want a mixer for your live gig? Gearooz brings you the Alto Professional Live 1604. This is a professional 16-channel, 4-bus mixer outfitted with the tools you need to make the ideal mix . With flexible routing choices and a large number of locally available DSP tools, Live 1604 fits the needs of almost any live performance environment. It offers 10 balanced XLR inputs with switchable phantom power, 3-band Eqs with sweepable mids for extra tonal molding, four aux sends for every channel for external effect routing and monitoring, and a 9-band realistic EQ for main or monitor outputs. An earphone jack with an separate level control allows extra monitoring and mixing. 60mm faders with LED meters give exact control and visual guidance for precise, active mixing. With its different integration options, Live 1604 can deal with any sized event from little café gigs to medium sized gigs to full-stage rock groups.


Live 1604 offers high-fidelity sound and amazing DSP tools in a solitary bundle. Every amplifier channel is furnished with a high-headroom ultra-low-noise DNA™ microphone preamp for phenomenal sound quality and a solid sound signal path. Live 1604's high headroom brings about cleaner mixes, a purer signal path, and boisterous, punchy sound. Locally available analog compression (channels 1-6) helps control input signals and gel instruments together for a balanced, characterized mix. With high headroom, unblemished sound, and implicit element control, Live 1604 guarantees that the full dynamic scope of your mix comes across with striking clarity.


Record your mix directly to a Mac or PC with a single USB connection. Live 1604’s built-in USB port allows engineers, producers, and performers to convert two channels of 24-bit audio (Main Mix or Sub Mix 1/2) straight to a computer. Record live performances, band practices, theater performances, speaking events, and any other live sound event onto your computer for additional editing, mixing, and post-production. The USB connection is bi-directional, enabling sound files stored on your computer to be streamed to and played through Live 1604.


Live 1604 comes ready to handle any mixing situation with premium 24-bit Alesis effects built right into its design. Select from 100 DSP effects that give you additional creative control in any mixing environment. Choose from room and space delays, small and large hall acoustics, plate and spring reverbs, flangers, choruses, and more. The effects presets make it easy to dial in your favorite sound or experiment with different effect settings on the fly.


Often, live sound environments are dimly lit and offer poor visibility to the mixing engineer. Live 1604 solves this problem by color coding each section of the mixer and providing brightly colored knobs so you can quickly and easily find what you need to adjust. Blue, green, red, yellow and white pots are instantly easy to identify in low lighting. LED indicators for output level, peak, and phantom power also assist in making sure that you have multiple visual cues that reflect everything you're hearing.



    4 aux sends; pre/post switching on sends 1+2
    60mm faders with mute and PFL/AFL solo functions
    10 XLR inputs with DNA(TM) microphone preamps
    Dynamic compression (channels 1-6)
    3-band EQ with sweepable mids
    100 Alesis DSP effects
    USB audio connectivity with level control
    Balanced XLR, balanced/unbalanced 1/4” outputs
    Headphone out with independent level control
    Switchable Phantom Power


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