TC Electronic El Mocambo Classic Tube Overdrive Pedal

TC Electronic El Mocambo Classic Tube Overdrive Pedal

Laney FS1-MINI Single Channel Footswitch

Laney FS1-MINI Single Channel Footswitch

Truetone OneSpot Pro TT-CS7 Effects Pedal Power Brick

Effects Pedal Power Brick

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For many years, Truetone has made musicians’ lives easier with the 1 SPOT, the original compact pedalboard power supply. It works so well that a lot of musicians never felt the need to get one of those brick-style power supplies, and we here at Truetone didn’t see the need for those either, even though they were quite popular. Bob Weil, founder of Truetone, explains:

“A lot of people over the years had told us that we should make a power brick. Even some of my own staff urged me to do it, but I didn’t want to for two reasons. First, I knew the 1 SPOT could power just about every pedal out there, so I didn’t see the need. Second, I didn’t want to make just another knock-off of someone else’s power brick. If we were going to make one, we were going to do it our way and have features that nobody else could offer. As pedal designs changed and it became more common for digital pedals to require isolation and for others to need something other than 9Vdc, I finally saw a reason for us to design a power brick.”

“It took 3 years and lots of experimentation, but we were finally able to design a 1 SPOT Pro, using our own proprietary technology to give musicians all the features they need for today’s pedalboards. The original 1 SPOT still works great for most musicians, but for those who need more power and versatility, the 1 SPOT Pro fills the need perfectly.”


Switching Power Supply Technology
Dimensions: 140 X 86 X 50
Weight: 592g
Output 1: 18V DC @ 100mA (Individually Insulated)
Output 2-5: 9/12V DC @ 200mA (Individually Insulated)
Output 6-7: 9V DC @ 500mA (Individually Insulated)

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Manufacturer Product Code TT-CS7
Warranty 6 Months