Stagg MXS-A3 MXSA3 Adjustable Folding Mixer Keyboard Stand

Stagg MXS-A3 MXSA3 Adjustable Folding Mixer Keyboard Stand

Alesis DM10 X Kit Mesh Premium Six Piece Electronic Drum Kit With Mesh Heads

Alesis DM10 X Kit Mesh Premium Six Piece Electronic Drum Kit With Mesh Heads

Alesis DM7 Session Kit Advanced Five Piece Electronic Drum Drumset

5 Section Electronic Drum Set

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Session-style performance matched with excellent sound

Step up and start drumming with the DM7X Session Kit. Packed with premium Alesis sounds and onboard extras, the DM7X module is the heart of your new drumset. Extremely playable pads offer realistic extras such as a dual-zone snare for accurate rimshots, as well as a crash cymbal with choke. The enhanced bass drum system is fast, responsive, and extra-quiet. The sturdy, all-in-one drum rack features a wide stance with longer feet for improved balance. Compact and complete, the DM7X Session Kit fits easily into a home studio or performance stage. Add an extra tom pad and/or cymbal pad to grow this expandable kit as your needs change.


Expanded Sounds

The DM7X module comes complete with 40 classic and modern ready-to-play kits. Easily tweak any existing kit, or create your own using the 385 premium drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds. Drum and cymbal buttons are arranged to resemble the layout of a traditional kit, so it’s simple to assign sounds and create kits quickly. Plus, the backlit LCD screen makes navigation a breeze.


Expanded Features

Inside the DM7X module you’ll find valuable extras. The built-in learning mode features, sixty play-along music tracks, and an onboard metronome allow you to improve your skills. There is even an advanced sequencer and a performance recorder to expand your music-making potential. In addition to the USB MIDI connection for use with computers and mobile devices, the DM7X module also offers MIDI In and Out jacks so you can connect to your favorite MIDI-equipped drum machine, sound module or other audio gear. There is a headphone jack for private practice, plus stereo outs to connect to a PA system, amplifier, or recording interface. The stereo aux input allows you to jam along to your favorite tracks on your CD player or mobile device.


Compact and Complete

The entire DM7X Session Kit sets up on a compact and sturdy 2-post drum rack. The wide stance and long feet offer stability for any style of drumming. Four Alesis DMPad 8" drum pads are provided; three tom pads and a special dual-zone snare pad offering realistic rim sounds. Next, add in a collection of three 10" cymbal pads—crash, ride, and hi-hat. The crash cymbal pad allows authentic choking of the cymbal sound. Quiet and compact, the bass drum system includes the responsive chain-driven X Kick pedal with an inverted beater for use with the super-silent StealthKick 2 trigger. Additionally, a cable snake is provided for easy and neat connections from the drum module to the drum pads, cymbal pads, and pedals.



    Complete, compact drumset with unified hardware and drum rack
    Extremely responsive drum pads including a dual-zone snare
    Dynamic cymbal pads feature a crash cymbal with choke
    Chain-drive kick pedal with silent, compact bass trigger
    Advanced DM7X module with backlit LCD and intuitive layout
    40 ready-to-play classic and modern kits—385 drum and cymbal sounds
    Built-in sequencer, metronome, and performance recorder add versatility
    Practice your skills with 60 play-along tracks or use the CD/MP3 aux input
    USB/MIDI connection for use with virtual instrument and recording software
    MIDI in and out ports for connecting directly to stand-alone MIDI gear
    Stereo outs connect to any sound system
    Headphone out for private practice
    Includes all required cables, mounting hardware, and power supply



    8" DMPad dual-zone snare pad
    8" DMPad single-zone tom pads (x3)
    Kick Drum
    StealthKick 2 trigger pad
    X Kick bass drum pedal
    Inverted beater    
    10" Hi-Hat cymbal pad
    Variable hi-hat pedal
    10" Crash cymbal pad with choke
    10" Ride cymbal
    Compact rack and all mounting hardware
    DM7X Advanced Drum Sound Module with power supply
    Convenient cable snake
    Drum key
    Drum sticks
    Logo plate
    10 mounting strips
    Assembly Guide
    User Guide
    Safety & Warranty Manual



    1/4" main left and right outputs
    1/8" stereo headphone output
    1/8" aux input
    Cable snake connector
    TRS tom pad 4 input
    RS crash cymbal 2 pad input
    Hi-hat pedal input
    USB MIDI port
    MIDI In and MIDI out jacks
    Power supply input

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