American Audio CPX 15A QT18SA 2000W Active PA Club 2.1 Package

American Audio CPX 15A QT18SA 2000W Active PA Club 2.1 Package

American Audio CPX 15A QT18SA 3000W Active PA Club 2.2 Package

American Audio CPX 15A QT18SA 3000W Active PA Club 2.2 Package

American Audio CPX 10A QT15SA Active PA Club 1700W 2.2 Package

1700W Active Speaker Sub System

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CPX 10A Speakers

The American DJ CPX 10A 250W, 2-way active speaker is designed for mobile entertainers,  and production companies. It's also great for installations where affordable sound is required. The CPX 10A is designed to deliver great sound for your band, mobile DJing, or for installation in churches, clubs, lounges, or bars. This speaker makes a great floor monitor or side fill as well.


Features include 10 inch woofer, a 2-way speaker with high efficiency Class D amplifier, 250W built-in bi-amplifier, 5 M10 rigging points, time aligned electronic crossover with low pass: 2nd ordered filter 2.7KHz and Low cut: 2nd ordered filter 30Hz. Speaker is stand mountable with heavy duty steel front grill, ergonomic handles, power and clip LED indicators, XLR and RCA inputs, XLR and TRS throughputs, clipping and thermal protection. The Channel Equalizer provides 100 Hz +/- 12dB Bass and 10KHZ +/- 12dB Treble.


The four models in the CPX series are appropriately nicknamed "Road Warriors" because of their rugged, durable construction. While the competition has opted to exchange hard wearing, long lasting, sturdiness for lighter weight,  this series delivers on both. The CPX 10A weighs in at only 40 pounds and is durable enough for the road.  



    2-way Speaker with High Efficiency Class D Amplifier
    250W Built-in Bi-amplifier
    Time Aligned Electronic Crossover
    5 M10 Rigging points
    Stand Mountable
    Heavy Duty steel grill
    Ergonomic handles
    Power and Clip LED Indicators
    XLR and RCA inputs
    XLR and TRS throughputs
    Clipping and Thermal Protection
    S/N Ratio: Line 100dB, Mic 80dB
    Frequency Response: 30 Hz – 18 kHz
    Nominal Coverage: 90º x 60º
    Low Frequency: 10" (255mm), 2" (50mm) Voice Coil
    High Frequency: 25mm Voice Coil, 1"(25mm) Throat
    Input Sensitivity: 0.5V
    Output Sensitivity: 93dB(1m/1w)
    Max. SPL: 114dB
    Balanced Input Impedance: Line 20K?, Mic 3.6K?
    Unbalanced Input Impedance: Line 10K?, Mic 1.8KO
    Multi Voltage Switch: AC 115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.75” x 12.75” x 20.5”/ 347 x 320 x 516mm
    Weight: 40 lbs. / 17.95 kgs.



    Low Pass: 2nd order filter 2.7KHz
    Low Cut: 2nd order filter 30Hz


Channel Equalizer:

    Bass: 100Hz +/- 12dB
    Treble: 10KHz +/- 12dB



Athletic SAT-1T Speaker Poles

Connect your tops to your sub with this handy 35mm speaker pole from Athletic. A professional telescopic distance pole with stepless height adjustment and a built-in lock mechanism.





    Weight: 1,90kg
    Material: Steel
    Height: 660mm - 1030mm
    Pipe diameter: 35mm
    Load capacity: 30kg
    Available colours: Black



QTX QT15SA Subwoofer

Need bass? The QT15SA is the perfect low end reinforcement sub. This active subwoofer features an integral amplifier and adjustable low pass filter all in rugged, carpet covered wooden cabinet. The unit features XLR in and through connections and input / frequency response dials. QT15SA runs at an impressive 150W RMS and peaks up to 600W; perfect for any travelling DJ, performer or for permanent installation.



    Adjustable cutoff frequency
    Metal corner protectors
    Side mounted carrying handles
    Integral 35mm pole-mount
    Power supply: 230Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
    Cut-off frequency: 40 - 150Hz
    Connections: XLR line in, XLR line out



    Driver: 380mm (15'')
    Power rms: 150W
    Power handling: max. 600W
    Dimensions: 515 x 420 x 615mm
    Weight: 22kg


** Please note the SAT poles are made to rough 35mm standard. Depending on the brand of subwoofer / the build quality of your top hats these stands are prone to a slight wobble when placed in the subwoofer. Additional padding or taping round the end of the SAT pole maybe required to secure them properly in your Subwoofers top hat **

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