FBT Vertus CLA 604 208 SA 1100W Active DJ PA Line Array Pair Floor System

FBT Vertus CLA 604 208 SA 1100W Active DJ PA Line Array Pair Floor System

FBT Vertus CS1000 High Quaility Padded Gig Protection Nylon Carry Case

FBT Vertus CS1000 High Quaility Padded Gig Protection Nylon Carry Case

FBT Vertus CS1000 1000W RMS Pro Active Line Array Speaker PA System

CS-1000 All-In-One 600W + 400W Italian Made Transportable Line Array

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Looking for an all-in-one compact, portable, powerful line array PA System? Look no further than the FBT CS1000 Vertus from Gearooz. This 1000W RMS system comprises of a 600W 12" subwoofer and a 400W line arrary top speaker. The entire system including the top and link pole fits into the subwoofer for ease of transport. Connections include XLR in and out as well as a speakon output for the satellite connection. This compact line array delivers maximum performance in a lightweight, modular design.


Created as a no-compromise choice for both live performers and installers, the Vertus CS1000 compact line array combines maximum performance with a modular, scalable approach. Its lightweight but sturdy construction blended with FBT’s distinctive engineering and elegance has delivered a system that can be deployed on stage within minutes, or discreetly integrated into the most delicate of decors to provide high-quality sound and controlled directivity. A bi-amplified design, the system comprises a long excursion 12” bass reflex subwoofer and a passive mounted satellite, linked via a Neutrik SPEAKON connector and equipped with six full-range neodymium 3” drivers. Onboard the subwoofer is a Class-D, two channel amplifier, complete with switch-mode power supply, delivering 600W RMS to the subwoofer and 400W RMS to the satellite, both of which are housed in birch plywood enclosures.


For ease of use, a storage compartment is provided within the subwoofer enclosure to securely house both the satellite speaker and its supplied mounting pole for storage and transport. A dedicated locking system holds all of the equipment in place. As with all FBT products, graceful but effective engineering is at the heart of the Vertus CS1000, as exemplified by the mounting pole. Comprised of three sections, the pole allows users to alter the height of the satellite to suit their requirements, while a custom joint provides continuous vertical adjustment to ensure precise coverage in every venue. No listener is left untouched by the Vertus CS1000 – the slim proportions of the satellite facilitate a wide horizontal dispersion of 110°, while the precision placement of the six 3” drivers to form a J-array creates a vertical dispersion of 30° (+10° / -20°).


Need more power? The VERTUS CS1000 takes a modular approach in that two systems can be used in a dual configuration to form a totally coherent and much more powerful solution. By stacking the two subwoofers and locking the two satellites together end-to-end (via optional hardware), the maximum SPL of the overall system is raised by 6dB. Coverage is also extended – although the horizontal dispersion remains consistent, vertical dispersion increases to 40° (+20° / -20°) Other features ensure ease of use and a rugged build quality. The subwoofer is equipped with aluminum handles complete with a rubber insert to guarantee a comfortable grip – transporting the entire system, including the subwoofer, satellite, mounting pole, joint and all cables, is both convenient and comfortable. The fanless amplifier module is protected by diecast aluminum, while onboard DSP offers a choice of eight dedicated presets, each one shaped by FBT’s long experience in creating proprietary algorithms to suit every requirement. Finally, the Vertus CS1000 is compact in dimension but big on sound. The volume of the satellite can be adjusted in accordance with the subwoofer in 8 steps between -4.5 / +5dB range, while a selectable high-pass filter ensures optimum reproduction. And as your requirements grow, the Vertus CS1000 compact line array will grow with you – simply combine four systems in a two per-side stereo configuration to achieve a remarkable 8000W peak.



    600W + 400W RMS
    129 dB SPL
    2-way speaker system
    Subwoofer with a custom 12” (320mm) long excursion speaker with a 2.5” (64mm) voice coil
    6x full-range, 3” (70mm) neodymium high efficiency custom woofers with 0.75” (20mm) voice coils
    Frequency response of 40Hz to 20KHz
    Onboard Class-D, switch-mode amplifier delivering 600Wrms + 400Wrms for LF and HF respectively
    Built-in DSP with eight presets to suit every application
    Variable volume between -4.5 / + 5 dB in 8 steps
    Control Panel with master volume, presets, satellite volume, HPF, and LED status
    Input and link via XLR and Neutrik SPEAKON for satellite connection
    Dispersion 110 ° (H) x 30 ° (V)
    Modular design allowing two systems to be configured as one single solution via optional accessories
    Bass reflex stackable subwoofer in a birch plywood enclosure with diecast aluminum handle and rubber inserts
        *plus M20 support and a custom pole-mount solution facilitating adjustable height and vertical aiming
    The satellite and pole are fully integrated into the subwoofer cabinet, where a push button system locks the satellite in place for transportation
    The satellite is equipped with a coupling system for accessories which allow the extension of the length of the line array, positioning one atop the other.
        *Alternatively, the same system allows the satellite to be permanently wall-mounted.
    Ideal for both live applications and fixed installations
    Easily expandable to a total power of 8000W peak (via a stereo system consisting of 4x Vertus CS1000, positioned two per side)

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