• Gear4DJs FuturePar 40W LED RGBW DMX DJ Flat Par Can Light
  • Gear4DJs FuturePar 40W LED RGBW DMX DJ Flat Par Can Light
  • Gear4DJs FuturePar 40W LED RGBW DMX DJ Flat Par Can Light

Gear4DJs FuturePar 40W LED RGBW DMX DJ Flat Par Can Light

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Quick Overview:

5x 8W Quad Colour ParCan LED Mood Effect Wash Light
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Gear4DJs is proud to present the FuturePar, our very own offering into the LED par market. This 40W RGBW Par Can is lighting the way to the future and perfectly combines technology, aesthetics and affordability in one sleek package. The FuturePar has one goal: to bring colour and excitement into any venue, house, bar, club or theatre. This is made possible thanks to the unique "cross" shaped five 8W colour LEDs which create an astonishing 5600 LUX at 1M. The FuturePar itself has been thoughtfully designed with convenience in mind. The unit sits flat while IEC and DMX inputs and outputs are on opposite sides for easy integration as a truss warmer or for use in a chain. Perfectly suited for use as both uplighting and stage lighting, you'd be hard pushed to find an LED par with the output and affordability of the FuturePar. Add some colour to your event at the touch of a button!
  • Ultra Bright LED Par Can
  • Total output of 40W from 5x 8W LEDs
  • Full colour RGBW LEDs meaning brighter colours and a purer white
  • Perfectly suited to both uplighting and stage lighting
  • Ideal for use in any venue or at home
  • Incredible output of 5600 LUX at 1m
  • DMX Controllable with DMX in & out ports
  • IEC power in & out
  • 4 button, 4 digit high clarity digital display
  • Performs in Stand Alone and Master/Slave modes
  • Reacts automatically to the beat of the music using its intelligent sound active mode
  • A number of performance modes including:
    • Auto
    • Dimmer
    • Strobe
    • Auto Speed
    • Dimmer Speed
    • RGBW Colour Changing
    • Sound Active
  • Rugged ABS housing
  • Compatible with FutureIR Remote (sold separately)
  • AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
  • Weight: 1.2kg
What about Lighting Control? No Par Can is complete without its modes and functions and the Gear4DJs FuturePar does not disappoint here. The unit features full auto, sound active and master / slave modes as well as DMX and IR remote control mode giving you a wide range of possibilities to choose from. Run through auto programs such as colour flash or fade or synchronise your lights and music by introducing the sound mode. Then you can go one step further and have full control over the lights via DMX. If DMX is not your thing, but you still want extra control over the light the IR mode is there to help you out. With the FutureIR Remote (sold separately) you can control modes such as auto and sound as well as choosing fixed colours and washes.
Why Quad LEDs? The FuturePar's Quad LED technology integrates a dedicated white LED alongside the traditional red, green and blue LEDs. This allows the unit to produce a wider and brighter range of colours, particularly vibrant pastel and brighter deep colours. This is because it doesn’t have to mix the standard RGB LEDs found in most Par Cans. For example, to achieve a bright blue in other Par Cans the blue LED would be on 100%, whereas in the FuturePar this blue LED would be backed up by the white LED for a brighter output.
What about LED design? The FuturePar has been designed with a fresh new look to take on the traditional TriLED look. A typical TriLED unit features a few roughly arranged TriLEDS in a haphazard manner, but not the FuturePar, which has been designed with aesthetics in mind. The unique "cross" shaped design enables the unit to output 5600 LUX at 1M and possess a 25 degree beam angle. Not only this; we believe the "cross" design creates a more aesthetically pleasing unit to look at as well as giving the Par Can a distinctive identity. The FuturePar also features a new design of quad LED which are designed to not only mimic the classic look of the GU10 bulb, but also to incorporate an important part of the light technology: the reflective background. This means any excess light given off by the quad LED is not wasted, but reflected back out of the unit, again adding to the impressive 40W output and also improving energy efficiency.
Why FuturePar? Good question! Well first off the FuturePar offers unbelievable value for money as there are very few Par Cans on the market for this price with this output power. 40W is over double the power of the standard Par Can and all for the same price! Next, the FuturePar's dedicated white LED means it has a far superior colour range than standard RGB units, and can produce brighter and purer colours than ever before. You can also be sure that the FuturePar will last you way into the future with the dedicated 2 year warranty. You can have no doubt that this astonishing new Par Can will never let you down.

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