Want to turn your DJ deck stand into part of your light show?

Gearooz offer a range of LED starclothes ideal for transforming any DJ stand or DJ booth into a part of your DJ set!
The LED MotionFacade starclothes make an ideal front board and are a perfect companion to the MotionDrape™ LED also available through Gearooz. No DJ stand or booth is complete without this simple but effective lighting solution from Chauvet which is sure to add an extra dimension to your show. The brand is world-renowned for being one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the DJ industry; we only stock the most trusted brands offering high quality lighting products.

All starcloths are delivered to your house, club or studio anywhere in the UK absolutely FREE so you can spend less time setting-up your lighting and more time wowing the crowds.

Starcloths & Backdrops