ADJ Focus Spot Two 75W LED DJ DMX Pro Gobo Spot Moving Head

ADJ Focus Spot Two 75W LED DJ DMX Pro Gobo Spot Moving Head

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Electro-Voice ELX112P 12" DJ Active 2000W PA Club Stereo Speaker Package With Stands

LiteConsole MKII MK2 Double DJ Booth Club Trussing Stand with Extension Pack

LiteConsole MKII

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LiteConsole MKII MK2 Double DJ Booth Club Trussing Stand with Extension Pack
LiteConsole MKII MK2 Double DJ Booth Club Trussing Stand with Extension Pack

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    Aesthetics are becoming increasingly important to many of today’s discerning mobile DJs. This means that many DJs strive to put together a well-presented rig that also features a little unique ‘character’. The LiteConsole MK2 provides a professional DJ platform with plenty of space for a plethora of control gear and customisable potential only limited by your imagination.


    Measuring 1624mm (w) by 1150mm (h) by 900mm (d) the LiteConsole is lightweight and comprises just six primary high-grade easy-to-connect aluminium sections. The console integrates a large equipment platform at a height of 900mm, and is designed to house a 50″ plasma screen, although this open space can also be used for LED panels or starcloth, for example.


    This portable DJ booth incorporates a large flat surface providing plenty of space for gear – notably Pioneer CDJ-2000s will fit comfortably without extending underneath the angled shelf. The angled shelf that sits above the main surface can be used for CD wallets or other equipment such as laptops or lighting controllers. There is also a third lower shelf, positioned about 30mm from the floor, that is ideal for amps and other ‘set it up and leave it alone’ equipment. The upper fascia panel extends up from the main equipment surface by about 400mm, which hides unsightly piles of gear along with cables, and the whole thing is designed to be eye-catching and to create a professional impression.


    At the heart of the LiteConsole’s design are the two large aluminium ‘trussing’ style end sections which give the MK2 its signature sleek yet industrial appearance. The beauty of the system is that it’s designed to be simple and quick to set up and, whilst sturdy, the parts that combine to make it up are surprisingly lightweight — another bonus for the travelling or mobile DJ.




    In addition to the two side pieces and the three shelves, the basic LiteConsole kit includes eight connecting poles and a front fascia panel. The booth is assembled by connecting the left and right side sections together with the poles, which easily slide into mounting holes. No tools are required for assembly, as the poles lock into place using quick release ‘pip-pins’. The two main shelves then simply sit on top of pairs of poles positioned at the top and bottom of the assembly and the angled shelf then simply sits directly on top of the main shelf. The final stage of assembly is hooking the fascia panel over poles positioned at the front of the unit.


    The whole process is very quick and takes less than 10 minutes for a team of two working at a leisurely pace. However, Nick McGeachin – the driving force behind the LiteConsole – has been known to set one up single-handedly in just 4 minutes and 20 seconds! When the console has been assembled it is amazingly solid, particularly considering that it requires no screws or bolts.



    Although impressive enough in its off-the-shelf format, the LiteConsole truly comes into its own when customised. There are countless ways to do this, many of which cost less than you might think.


    The central front space of the console has been designed to accommodate a 50″ plasma screen, which will no doubt be of interest to video DJs and others who utilise visuals as a part of their performance. However, the beauty of the LiteConsole is its flexibility, so don’t be put off if a screen as the central focus of your show isn’t what you’re looking for. Two of the structural bars at the front of the console are positioned at the optimal height for securing a screen bracket, but these can also be used to attach any other pieces of equipment that you may want to use (for example LED battens). A flat aluminium panel is also available as an optional extra to give the console a simple, yet elegant, finish. A vinyl logo or business name can be easily attached to this panel, offering a simple and cost effective personalisation opportunity.


    A front fascia panel can be laser cut with your business name or logo, then be backlit with an LED light source. Or, if you’re looking for a less industrial look, fill-in plates can be hooked over the front of the truss sections – these can also be laser profiled.


    If you want to really go to town, the LiteConsole can be powder coated in the colour of your choice. For DJs specialising in weddings a LiteConsole finished in white creates a strikingly elegant roadshow focal point. Side panels are also available, to fill in the gaps in the truss side sections. Yet again, these can be powder coated and/or customised with a laser cut or vinyl logo.

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