Here at Gearooz we have an exciting week ahead. Every day we will be posting a new and exclusive live video for everyone to see via our Facebook page. These will give you the opportunity to be one of the first viewers to learn about and understand our new products, get a glimpse behind the scenes and see what it's like working at Gearooz, plus there are some live challenges and a lot more! Give us a like or a share, tell your friends, and you will all be able to benefit from the offers and discounts that we have available for you. Click on this link to check out the videos and for more information

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive discount code in one of our videos. As soon as you've found it either go onto our website or call us, quote the code and we'll be able to offer you 10%  - not a bad deal for watching a video of us basically just fooling around!

Take a look at our products listed below, you'll see a few of them pop up on some of our Live videos. If you like what you see, don't forget the discount code! Did you see it?

Gearooz Live 17