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MTX StreetAudio iX1 Red Pro Studio On Ear Headphones

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Quick Overview:

Professional Studio Headphones


The MTX StreetAudio iX1 on ear acoustic monitors are designed to deliver the MTX sound experience that fans have craved for over 40 years. They work great with your mp3 player, smartphone, tablet, or computer. These audiophile, semi-pro quality headphones offer an amazing sound experience that takes you to another world of sound. Whether rocking to hard guitars or soothing to jazz horns, MTX will headphones will impress you.



Precision Sound with Real Bass

Real bass in a headphone. Novel concept? Sure, when you have headphones being designed by celebrities. In true MTX style we had ours designed by audio engineers who actually know something about bass. And it shows.


Excellent Sound Isolation

Full ear surround lightweight acoustic padding means you get to control what you hear. You pick the music and the volume, we'll keep the world out.


Daisy Chain without Y Adapter

Designed for easy shared listening experience. Your iX1 has a jack on either side. Pick which side you want your audio device plugged into, and then plug another pair of headphones into the other side.


Extreme Comfort Padding

Soft, supple, breathable padding envelopes your ear in comfort. Unless you have Spock ears or some other strange shape, you won't have ear soreness after wearing these for a day.


Perfect Weight & Balance

Ever have your headphones slide off your head with the slightest move? Not with these puppies. The perfect amount of weight and balanced design to keep them fitting snug, yet comfortable.


Made for Apple Mic & Remote Control

Pause, play and adjust volume. Take a call. The mic and remote control in these bad boys are fully compatible with iPhone 3GS or later, all iPad models, iPod touch (2nd gen+), iPod nano (4th gen+), and iPod Classic (120/160GB).


No Tangle Cord

The cord won't tangle. Need more? Engineered with just the right elaticity, rigidity and finish the cord...won't tangle.


Lightweight Hard Shell Carrying Case

Complimentary stylish "aluminum-like" MTX hard carrying case packs your headphones into a compact and protected unit for easy packing and transport.

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