If your kit is practically vintage or brand new, a high-quality set of heads will ensure that your drums look and sound their best. Gearooz are proud to offer a range of Remo drum heads that are industry standard and are available to fit bass, snare, and toms.

These hard-wearing drum heads are produced in many different styles including the Diplomat, Ambassador, and Pinstripe series. Each brand of head has its purpose for different drumming styles which will help your drum sound more genre specific.

These drum heads come in single- or two-ply construction; single-ply heads have a sensitive response with bright and resonant sound, and are ideal for jazz and acoustic players, whereas thicker two-ply heads have a high tuning range and are more durable, perfect for heavy hitters.

There are many different types of resilient coatings used on these drum heads including ambassador coated, power stroke and controlled sound coated drum heads offer mid-range tone, and the laminated centre dots add tonal focus. Coated heads produce a warmer, focused tone and add texture. Clear heads are popular amongst rock and pop styles and used on bass drums as they produce a brighter, louder tone, whilst coated heads are the standard for snare drums.

Remo Drum Heads