The new and versatile Chameleon QBar Pro from ADJ produces impressive effects and can also be used to produce mid-air beams. Offering 7 DMX modes, 6 operating modes, 64 colour macros and 19 built-in programs, it gives the user creative freedom and offers a great solution for venue uplighting and wall-washing.

The ADJ Chameleon is powered by three rich and vibrant RGBA 4-in-1 LEDS. Each one is positioned behind a separate angled lens which allows the Chameleon to project three separate beams of light in a fan-shaped pattern. Each LED can be individually controlled resulting in fantastic multi-colour effects being created as well as animated light sequences. Alongside this the lenses are mounted on an adjustable yoke, which means that the unit can also be used as a mid-air effect shooting our bright beams of colour into an audience.

There is a wide range of control options which makes the Chameleon accessible, flexible and user- friendly so even the most novice DJ can achieve excellent these effects.  Selection between the modes, as well as DMX addressing, is achieved using the LCD display screen positioned on the top of the unit, which offers a simple and effective interface.

For simple single-colour up-lighting, the static code mode enables any one of the 64 pre-programmed colours to be easily selected, adjusted and changed to suit the user’s needs. However, for those scenarios where a specific colour is required, the RGBA dimmer mode allows the users to mix the colours precisely using the on-board LCD screen. This fixture is also pre-programmed with 19 chase patterns, all of which are different and can be set to run at regular or different speeds in auto run mode or alongside music in the sound active mode.  Alongside this, the unit can be linked in a master/slave configuration to enable static colours to be synchronised across many fixtures.  

The Chameleon QBar Pro can also be controlled from a distance as it is fitted with ADJ’s WiFLY ‘Extend Range’ wireless DMX which allows connectivity from up to 2,500 feet away. The unit is compatible with ADJ’s entire range of WiFLY fixtures and controllers, and for use as part of a wireless DMX system it can be controlled by ADJs new Airstream IR which can transform any iOS phone or tablet into a compact lighting controller.

When it comes to DMX control, a choice between seven different modes allows control using between 4 and 14 channels. This means that DJs can choose the option that gives the level of control they require without wasting channels in their system that they are unlikely to use. The unit’s standard 3-pin XLR input and output sockets are also provided to allow the fixture to be used coherent into an existing DMX system.

Suitable for any lighting provider the Chameleon QBar pro is lightweight, affordable and compact. It is easy to transport and thanks to its square and rectangular shape it can sit closer to a wall than the usual lighting fixture.

 With its bright RGBA LEDs, the Chameleon can be daisy changed together and has a 15 degree beam angle, adjustable head, plus a wide variety of control options making it an ideal choice for any lighting user who wants to enhance their event.