New company Avante Audio has launched its Achromic Series, a range of active loudspeakers with a sleek and minimalist design.

Created by the ADJ Group of Companies, Avante Audio is set to produce high quality speakers that offer both high quality sound and aesthetic beauty.

Focusing on affordability and excellent audio quality, the Achromic Series is aimed at mobile DJs, bands, venues, and performers who are looking for powered loudspeakers that look unique. 

The Series includes three full-range loudspeaker options: the 10" A10, 12" A12, and 15" A15. Power ranges from 1000 Watts for the A10, to 1200 Watts for the A12 and A15. Alongside this, there are also two active subwoofer options, the 15" A15S and the 18" A18S. Both feature an integrated powerful Class D amplifier that delivers 1600 Watts.

Every model in the Achromic Series features a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), accessible via an LCD screen on the rear panel of the speaker. This allows users to configure the speaker for different use scenarios, such as the style of music being played, EQ, and speaker placement.

No release date has been confirmed but Gearooz is pleased to announce we will be stocking them online.