Earlier this week, Chauvet DJ annouced the launch of their new lighting unit, the Beamer 6 FX. This new product is set to ship soon, in order to hit UK stores next month, March.

The Beamer 6 FX is an excellent centrepeice effect light for the mobile DJ, featuring a circular SMD strobe, red/green pattern lasers and utilising adjustible RGBW beams to produce multi-FX displays.

This new lighting unit has been fitted with 24 white strobe LEDs, six 5W RGBW LEDs and one red and one green laser diodes. These features enable users to create a wide selection of lighting effects; eye-catching lightshows with concise multi-beam laser effects, colourful RGBW beams and very impactful strobing.

The Beamer 6 FX has a wide coverage as a result of its six individually adjustable RGBW LED lenses, making this an ideal centrepeice effect. With its red and green lasers DJs can create thousands of patterns and sharp beams, perfect for mid-air effects above the dance-floor. Furthermore, with its LED strobe ring, users can create a nightclub-style atmosphere, suitable for evening parties and receptions, adding even more excitement to their light shows and effects.

Chauvet DJ have equiped the Beamer 6 FX with multiple control options. Fitted with sound-activated programs users can program the Beamer 6FX to produce multi-FX displays, quickly and with ease. WIth its 2-channel and 15-channel DMX modes users can create more detailed, organised and extra special displays for their guests and clients. Chauvet DJ also offer a seperately sold IRC-6 remote, enabling wireless control for the primary features and settings.

The Beamer 6 FX is compact, lightweight and portable, making it an ideal part of a mobile lightshow.

For DJs looking to increase the lighting coverage and extra effects, multiple units can be purchased and power-linked at 230V, saving on extensive wiring.

Pre-Order your own Chauvet DJ Beamer 6 FX direct from us here: www.gear4djs.co.uk/chauvet-beamer-6-fx