It appears Coca-Cola is the next brand to release music inspired freebies with their products.

Including eight 'festival' bottles with the packaging featuring peel-off wristbands, the designs were launched in Romania and some of the wristbands allow young people access to some of the country's biggest concerts. 

Not every wristband is guaranteed to win, so to find out whether they have won a ticket to a gig, customers have to download an official Coca-Cola iPhone or android app and scan their wristband. If they were lucky then the wearable wristband would serve as their ticket.

The brand has partnered several large music festivals in Romania as part of the push, including Transylvania’s Untold Festival, which in 2016 was named Best Major European Festival at the European Festival Awards.

Some teens have continued to wear the wristbands as a fashion statement even without having festival tickets.

It has not currently been confirmed if the concept will be extended to other regions, Coca-Cola has previously found success with packaging stunts in both the UK and the US. It's personalised Share a Coke campaign launched in 2015 and follow ups have included lyrical cans and free t-shirts.

Earlier in the year, Doritos created a rechargeable chip bag that could actually play music and Pizza Hut created a box that replicated DJ decks, so it's no surprise that major brands like Coca-Cola are jumping into this music inspired realm.