Gearooz presents the DigiTech Element and Element XP, an all-in-one multi-effect processor aimed at guitarists for an affordable price. It gives guitar players everything they need to create and explore guitar tones and discover their own sound.

Guitar multi effects processing units have many uses and are a convenient tool for users. Simply plug in and play as these multi-effects devices mean users don’t have to worry about room sound or microphone placement due to their instant sound quality. They are ideal for home playing and studio session work.

The Element has 31 different pedals, 12 amps, and 9 speaker cabinets to choose from and a guitar tuner. Users can take control of their effects with an attached expression pedal that is loaded with 100 presets and has room for 100 more custom presets. Both devices are lightweight and portable and offer great sounds with a variety of options and settings.

The Element is a compact and powerful multi-effect processor and by using the simple pedal board layout you can quickly adjust the settings to fit your personal style of music. This onboard rhythm machine has 45 drum patterns to choose from allowing users to choose from the rhythm tracks and set their tempo, which makes practicing your timing fun and rewarding.

This Built-in tuner is an essential practice and performance tool for any user and the added headphone output lets you listen to your playing privately. Alongside this output there is also a stereo jack that can be connected to an amplifier or mixer for direct recording.

The Element and Element XP are both versatile guitar multi-effects pedals that offer many sounds and effects. Both offer classic overdrive, state-of-the-art effects processing, distortion stomp boxes and 28 pedals. Alongside this they also feature a pedal-board style control layout that lets players quickly change and save settings to fit their personal style and providing a fantastic wide range of effects including compressor, 3-band EQ, phaser, tremolo, vibrato, chorus, and an acoustic guitar simulator and many others.

The Element XP is a bigger version of the original Element and features a high quality expression pedal and offers 38 effects, whereas the element provides 34.

Digitech is a reliable and trusted manufacturer, and this latest offering is great addition to its range. Neither the Element nor the Element XP will disappoint and this high quality and versatile range gives users the power to change their tone with the use of hundreds of different effects. Order yours online now.