Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day with both Electro-Voice and Dynacord, where I got the chance to learn about new products and demo future ones.

Both brands are steeped in history and they now focus on developing high quality products for the portable, install, and touring grade markets. It was clear to see both have a direct path of how they want to see their range grow and expand over the coming years.

It was great to be able to get hands on with equipment and provide feedback on pre-production items which are now in their final stages. These products were show to a select group of retailers including Gearooz and install companies.

Gathering these responses has allowed Electro-Voice and Dynacord to evaluate their products, improve them and ensure that the products fit the criteria of the current market.  Alongside this, it has allowed the companies to ensure that the demands of the environments and the customers are met creating a long working life combined with a competitive price point.

I can’t reveal too much about the new portable speakers from Electro-Voice however, what I can say is that they do sound fantastic and I am sure they are going to be embraced and welcomed into the market.  They have great power combined with the classic EV shape, fantastic build quality and clarity.

As for the install and touring marketing, there are some great new products forthcoming alongside software developments which now make it is easier than ever to manage, protect and monitor the system. With a whole range of speakers and amplifiers available it is much simpler to find the right product to meet both the technical requirements and a chosen budget.

One range which caught my eye was the EVID-S. This is an install speaker range designed with the installer in mind. The smart mount system combined with the predictable EV quality makes it ideal for both commercial and domestic applications. Available in black or white, it is acoustically tuned to ensure it works well with the rest of the EVID range. This makes it more straightforward than ever to find the right speaker for the space you have without compromising on quality or blowing the budget.

The newest member of the EV innovation family is the EVC series which complements the current range but at a lower price point. The VI model blew me away with its asymmetrical wave guide giving almost perfect sound coverage front to back from a single speaker.

It is clear that EV and Dynacord have spent a lot of time looking at their current offerings and taking feedback from users to develop and expand their ranges. They have a product to suit all applications and from a name you can trust.