News as come fourth about a music company ‘scam’ which has left artists thousands of pounds out of pocket. From what we know management firm Band Management Universal (BMU) has offered services such as marketing, gigs and tours as well as promising artists to help secure them a recording contract but all for a massive charge, with some being up to £4,000.

As of yet BMU, who are registered in Farringdon, London are yet to confirm or deny anything and could not be reached for comment. The company has shut down its website along with their email accounts and phones.

One of the victims of the scam is singer Sarah Kaloczi, who paid £2,000 to BMU with the promise of being provided with services such as the ones stated above. After BMU failed to provide any of these services or a refund to Sarah and many others the company became harder and harder to contact.

Many have said they spend hours on the phone to the head of BMU but never met with him in person, others have said they met up with representatives of the company but assume these were not legit. Musicians were demanded to pay money to BMU in return for the chance to work with popular artists, another false promise leaving a band out of pocket with a lose of £3,840.

Seen as one of the worst music fraud cases in the past 20 years we urge people to be very careful of these companies and to make sure you do your research.