Introducing the new active B-Hype speaker range from dB Technologies. Consisting of the B-Hype 8", 10", 12" and 15" speakers this fantastic new range combines versatility and durability. 

Featuring professional and efficient sonic performance, the B-Hype range includes a Class D amplifier and powerful sound pressure levels, ensuring that accurate sound reproduction is produced. 

The units are suited to any venue and environment as they have excellent sound coverage and a combo input which allows use of a dynamic microphone and standard line input. User can enhance and change lower and upper frequencies with the convenient DSP preset function. A balanced output allows the audio connection to be connected to a second loudspeaker.  

Housed in polypropylene, the B-Hype range has sleek and elegant aesthetics and a contemporary grille design. Its feather light units are easy to transport and carry from gig to gig. Alongside this all the collection includes 4 two-way cabinets, all of which have been equipped with premium 1”compression drivers and its chosen woofer. 

Ideal for mobile DJs or permanent venue installation, the B-Hype range innovative asymmetrical horn ensuring a wide and uniform throw pattern. dBTechnologies have also added a preset feature allowing users to choose between 2 preset EQ: FLAT or BOOST.

Users can also use each cabinet horizontally as a stage monitor on both sides, or mount them as the whole range features a pole mount cup allowing them to be placed or stacked on the dB Technologies Subs. 

The B-Hype is affordable and delivers excellent audio performance and reliability.  Order the range online now. .