ROLI has recently launched its new touch-responsive keyboard interface, the Seaboard Block. Affordably priced at £279, the Seaboard Block is a cheaper alternative to the acclaimed Seaboard GRAND and Seaboard RISE models which have been used by the likes of Stevie Wonder and Hans Zimmer.

The Seaboard Block is a wireless 24-keywave, super-powered and portable. It can be connected with ROLI’s mobile app NOISE and it is also part of a new modular Block range from ROLI which features multiple pieces of hardware, which perform unique functions and can be connected to each other to build customisable and expandable sets.

Magnetic connectors allow users to click their existing products into place and connect the multiple blocks. The Seaboard Block comes with over 200 free sounds along with the ROLI software. Alongside this, it is also compatible with laptops running digital audio workstations such as Ableton Live.

Featuring a unique soft surface and a pressure-responsive keyboard the Seaboard Block is a modern alternative to traditional piano–style keys. It uses MPE protocol, an update to MIDI which allows for three dimensional expressions instead of one. Users can slide their fingers up and down and left and right to create different sounds.

This more compact version of the Seaboard Rise can detect how users press and lift each key and it is considerably less expensive than its large processor.

Check out the video of the BLOCKS range below.