Introducing the Cameo DVC 4, this new DMX interface is powered by Daslight and is the first product to emerge from the recent partnership between Adam Hall and Nicolaudie Group.  

The Cameo interface offers 512 DMX channels and has accompanying control software, Cameo D4 which allows users to put on fantastic light shows and it is available as a free download.

The Cameo DVC 4 is a professional DMX system compatible with Mac or PC, it is ideal for mobile DJs and lighting providers who are looking to produce a more versatile light show and one that they have control over.

Included in the software is an expansive library of over 15,000 fixtures and custom device profiles can be easily created using the built-in scan library editor resulting in a device that is user-friendly.

Users can quickly create complex lightshows on the Cameo D4 software thanks to the included XEEL effect engine, which offers a variety of different effects that can be combined with one another. Alongside this the software also incorporates a newly developed engine that enables lighting to also be controlled via iOS including smart phones, Android and Tablets. Another great element of this software is the included real-time 3D visualisation that is ideal for preparing a lightshow in advance.

Users can add stage elements and lighting effects - including colours, dimmer settings and GOBOs and they can then be viewed in real time without the need for the equipment to be present.

The Cameo DVC 4 has a ‘plug and play’ ability that can be connected to any computer thanks to its supplied mini USB cable. The interface also has built-in storage which means that 256 channels of DMX applications can be stored for future standalone operation and users will not need to connect their computer.

The Cameo DVC 4 will be available in the near future with a retail price of approximately £252 (279 euros).