Looking to add something new to your lighting set up? The ADJ Boombox FX3 creates and exciting and memorable event. With 3 different lighting effects in one from 9 built in lightshows the Boombox can provide hours of entertainment. An all round easy fixture this product is perfect for beginners as well as advanced performers who want to inject a bit of fun into their shows.

With the ability to cover the entire room with light from the classic derby effect the ADJ FX3 will transfix your crowd with its amazing and unique visual rings. This piece of equipment can also be set on an ADJ LTS-6 for portable events, great for mobile artists or those who need to transport equipment in a larger environment such as festivals. However you can also use the hanging bracket to set on truss for permanent set ups. 

The ADJ Boombox FX3 is now available to order online at Gearooz.com.