The New Focus Series includes three high powered LED moving heads with motorised focus, one rotating gobo wheel, one colour wheel, gobo indexing, DMX, and built-in programs.

The ‪‎Focus Spot One is a 35W LED fixture with motorised focus, 3W UV lighting and one colour wheel. Alongside these features the unit has one replaceable and rotating GOBO wheel, GOBO indexing and DMX built in programs.

Users can easily change the GOBOs by simply removing the top housing and then the GOBOS easily lock in and out of the wheel.

The Focus Spot One can be used in sound active mode and is it UC IR wireless remote compatible. With 17 DMX channels, pan/tilt inversion and a 4-button DMX LCD menu, users can easily customise their shows however they please.

A versatile and compact fixture the Focus Spot One can be used in clubs, parties and concerts, and are user friendly making this a suitable choice for any novice or professional lighting user.

Next in the range is the Focus Spot Two, very similar to the Focus Spot One but it is powered by a 75 watt LED. With motorised focus, gobo indexing, EZ Gobo replacement, built-in 3 watt UV led, UC IR wireless remote compatible, the Focus Spot two is not short of high quality features.

This unique moving head features motorised zoom as well as the motorised focus that is included in the whole range. The motorised zoom enables users to alter the angles between 12 and 17 degrees and the bright and clear 100W LED light can produce sharp beams and unique pattern projections.

The powerful and bright LED also has low power consumption and a long lamp life. The unit can generate an output of 6300 resulting in bright and striking effects over long distances.

The unit has fast and fluid pan movement through 540-degrees and tilt movement through 270-degrees. Alongside this it also has smooth and precise movement thanks to its stepper motors and 16-bit find pan and tilt positioning.

The wheel has access to 8 colours plus the white which results in vibrant and rich colours that can be throughout the beams. There are two GOBO wheels; the first has 7 static patterns alongside open spot while the second wheel has 6 rotating and replaceable GOBOS. By having two wheels it means users can have more creative freedom than before altering their light show to suit their needs. When a GOBO is chosen users can use the remote motorised zoom and focus function to change the size of the projected GOBO.

The Focus Spot Three Z also has two rotating 6-facet prisms which are circular and linear. The circular prisms can split projected beams into a group of smaller patterns whereas the linear can produce a rotating line of GOBO projections. Each one can be rotated at different speeds to match the atmosphere of the event.

The unit’s features are completed by 0%-100% dimming including a choice of 5 dimming curves and variable speed strobing and pulsing. Alongside this it has a shake feature and split colour feature via GOBO.

The fixture has PowerCon input and output sockets, paired with a low maximum power draw of 230W means that users can add up to three fixtures which can run from the same power supply.

With a choice of three operating modes, the Focus Spot Three Z can be used in simple ‘standalone’ mode or used to create a full DMX-controlled lightshow. The unit is pre-programmed with four built-in lightshows, which can be set to run in either Show Mode or Sound Active mode which is triggered by the beat of music.

The Focus Spot range is a lightweight, compact design that allows for easy transportation and storage. Suitable for all kinds of applications these high quality fixtures are packed full of new features at an affordable price.