The Product:

ADJ Illusion Dotz 4.4 480W COB LED RGB Pixel Map Moving Head Pair Package. A Moving Head wash fixture with sixteen 30W Chip On Board pixel controller TRI LEDs. The 360/560 degree pan and 270 degree tilt adds that extra dimension to your show allowing for the beams to move and spin.


This product is perfect if you want to add something special to your show. Because the fixture is Artnet/Klingnet compatible, creators may project low-res video through the RJ45 connections on the back of the unit. This added feature makes for an unforgettable event; perfect for large parties or festivals this product will definitely make an impact on your crowd.

The Illusion Dotz 4.4 is a great new addition to any setup, perfect for larger events such as festivals or parties or for smaller performances in bars and pubs. The Dotz Illusion 4.4’s stunning effects from the on-board 4x4 pixel mapping capabilities will add life to your lightshow. The full colour digital display allows for beginners to navigate through the fixtures functions with ease.

If you would like to take your events to the next level then I highly recommend incorporating this fixture into your setup.

More information:

Some extra features included are 5 dimming curve settings, edit and save scenes into on-board memory, digital display for easy addressing and function settings and 3 DMX channel modes: 12, 14, or 59 (3 & 5 Pin in/out)

For all the features and specs on this product please visit where you will also find a detailed video all about this fixture including clips of the product in use.