Following the success of the original AV6 LED video panel, ADJ has now launched a new and improved model, named the AV6X. The new and improved AV6X offers affordable pricing and high resolution quality than the original model, and also offers improved colour consistency and higher contrast.

The AV6X features excellent brightness, durability and it has darker black masking which means that this has improved contrast in comparison to its predecessor. The 6.0mm pitch, high colour consistency and NITS brightness displays videos in a much higher quality than ever before.

Featuring 3-in-1 RGB LEDs, each panel has a pixel density of 96x96 and has a recommended viewing distant of 6m. It has excellent video image quality and it enables users to improve any performance via a video platform.

Each panel is divided down into four modular sub-panels to allow for easy access, so if a pixel fault was to occur users can just replace the one module and repair it instead of the taking apart the whole panel.

Any of the panels can be easily linked together to create a large and continuous video display of any size and shape. The top edge and left side of each panel can lock together enabling users to easily secure the matching holes on the bottom and right side. This can then be secured into a permanent installation or hung from rigging for a fantastic effect.

Each unit is fitted with a powercon input and output socket enabling users to connect the power supply to multiple panels so that they can be linked together.

The AV6X is perfect for permanent installations, and as minimal space is needed, it is also suited for touring applications because each fixture is extremely lightweight weighing only 8.15kg.

The panels can fit into and they can fit into a single road case and now ADJ have also released a dedicated road case for the AV6 range, ideal for storing and transporting the AV6X, the heavy-duty case is made from plywood and has steel ball corners as well as locking swivel castors. Inside the road case is eight sections; each lined with foam and designed specifically to accommodate an AV6X panel or an AV6 panel.

The AV6X is a superb LED video screen suited to clubs, bars and larger venues. Its compact size allows for easy storage and transportation, and the high image quality comes at an affordable price. Suited to production companies and mobile DJs alike the AV6X is an ideal solution for LED video screens.