AGNT is designed to be a simple solution in booking a DJ. Connecting DJs, promoters and customers, AGNT can be used by anyone from wedding party organisers to club managers.

Each DJ has a profile that features their location, their availability, what genre of music they play and what equipment they need to put on a successful show. DJs are then filtered and listed to help event organisers find the right talent and for the amount they want to spend.

The DJ profile can be customised to include a biography, background, portfolio, social media platforms and cancellation policies. It also allows DJs to see upcoming event listings and filter through these plus being able to contact and register an interest in listed events.

Organisers can book DJs by searching for location, genre, and date of an event and price range. They can access verified reviews of the DJs that have been left by other promoters and customers.

The website handles the price negotiation, secure payments and other logistics including event requirements. Once a match is made AGNT splits the payment 50-50 with half the fee paid to the artist once the booking is confirmed and the rest on the next business day. AGNT also charge a service fee that is between 6% and 10% for coordinating payments.

Similar to the Airbnb property and holiday app, AGNT is said to be an easier route in booking talent for any event.

AGNT have already been partnering with festivals and is now available to download for free. All DJs have to do is sign with their email address on any device including PC and Android. After signing up users will then be able to promote and connect using the platform.