Gearooz is excited to offer the AKG premium 8 piece set of drum microphones. Included in the selection is 1x D12VR, 2x C214, 4x D40 plus K&M 24030 clips. These high quality microphones come in a heavy metal case for ultimate safe and easy transport, perfect for mobile performers. The use of a RocknRoller trolley would also be a great addition for hassle free transport.

This collection has been hand selected of the highest performing mics and is ideal for touring, live and studio applications.

The D12 VR is designed specifically for kick-drum recording applications; its warm sound is realised by the original C414 transformer. Especially impressive at high signal levels. 

C214 has been designed as a cost effective alternative to the high end C414 family. With reduced mechanical noise and a switchable bass cut filter which allows close up recording with almost no proximity effect. 

The C451 has the identical acoustic behaviour of its predecessor, the C451 EB plus CK1 capsule which was a bestseller.

The C214 has a high overload limit and improved engineering details, the C451 B continues the success story of this legend.

The D40 has a solid all metal body which will last through the long nights on stage night after night. This professional instrument is protected by a sturdy wire mesh cap and can take extremely high sound pressure levels with ease.

Overall this is a set full of amazing microphones at a great price. If you are in the market for a full stock of mics this is a quality collection. This 8 piece set is now available only at