The Gearooz team headed to this year's WILD LIFE Festival located outside Gearooz HQ at Shoreham’s Brighton City Airport . The festival, in its third year, saw some fantastic headliners including Fatboy Slim, Pete Tong, Eric Prydz, Stormzy and festival founders Rudimental and Disclosure. Among this superb line-up was Brighton Tech House DJ Matt Ortarix. We managed to grab an interview with him and here is what he had to say about life as a DJ and how it felt to perform at this year's WILD LIFE. 

Gearooz: Hi Matt, congratulations on securing your first festival slot, so how did it feel to play a festival as big as this one? 

Matt: This was my third year attending wildlife, it's been the only festival I've ever been to and first one I've played at so it felt unreal!

Gearooz: Tell us how long you have been Djing for and what made you want to start?

Matt: I got my first DJ controller back in 2011 and I used to play skrillex and all that sort of stuff back then [laughs] a year or so later one of my best friends Lucca introduced me to house. I still remember the tune he first showed me was Franky Rizardo - Funky Technician! And from there on I've loved every minute of it.

Gearooz: You named Franky Rizardo there, but who would you say your biggest influences are?

Matt: My biggest influences are probably Skream and The Martinez Bros for sure! I love everything they do and they've all made themselves big by being unique and not being those Djs that just hit the play button and mix.

Gearooz:  Ah ok so if you could collaborate with anyone then who would it be?

Matt: Actually I would have to say Dance/Electronic DJ Nathan Barato 100%. His tracks are mind blowing, one of my top 10 tracks to play is his track Stomp Change, when it drops nothing else matters.

Gearooz: Excellent, now being a Brightoner you must have some thoughts and possibly a favourite thing about the nightlife and club scene here?

Matt: Honestly, the Brighton scene is pretty dead in terms of underground music, more specifically House music, unless you're booking massive, expensive headliners no one in Brighton wants to support emerging artists (except the few: e.g Polar, Big up.) However I'll do a bit of selfless promotion here myself and fellow DJ Lucca.S have come together and formed our promotions company ACID (A Connection In Dance music) and it's been really well received so far in Brighton. Our main goal is to bring back House music in Brighton and make the Brighton scene come back to life a little bit more. The standard of Brighton nightlife is RnB/Hip hop it is great yeah BUT get some thrill in your life and come and boogie to house and show some support once in a while! 

Gearooz: That's an interesting perspective, your ACID venture sounds great and I'm sure it will inject some life into the Brighton club scene. It seems that you enjoy Djing in Brighton but do you have any tips for aspiring DJs, and is there anyone else we should be keeping an eye out for as well as yourself in the future?

Matt:  I'd say for any aspiring DJs unless you're ready to put in 110% of yourself into your dream then I'd leave it, when you want something you need to go get it. Make sure to network with anyone in the industry as this is a key factor in helping yourself get out there for sure! Try being different with your track selection too and don't just play the beatport top 100 [laughs]. 

Gearooz: Some great tips there Matt, now you are playing Brighton Boundary Festival later on in the year is there anywhere else we can hope to catch you?

Matt: Yes! I was so buzzing and happy with the Boundary announcement! Hopefully got some more dates and gigs to announce soon but 15/07/17 is a big date that you should look out for as ACID making their big night debut at The Arch!

Gearooz: That's fantastic! Now finally, before you go, who did you enjoy watching at this year's WILD LIFE?

Matt: Hard to pick one but the best set was probably Jamie Jones for me, Solardo absolutely smashed it and Eric Prydz was madness!

Gearooz: Thank you for taking the time to talk to Gearooz, we hope to hear more from you in the future and all the best Matt.

You can listen to Matt's mixes on Soundcloud...