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  1. Pioneer Expand Rekordbox Range: DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR

    Pioneer have announced the expansion of their DJ controller Rekordbox range, with the arrival of two new controllers; DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR.

    The DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR are compact controllers with intuitive layouts, responsive illuminated jog wheels and tactile performance pads.

    Both the DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR are the first controllers to come with Rekordbox DJ software and support PC Master Out. Supporting PC Master Out enables users to play master output through connected desktop monitors or internal computer speakers, whilst simultaneously using the controller for the users headphones.

    These new two-channel controllers boast controls for the latest features and updates of Rekordbox 4.1.1 software. With Sequence Call included in the new Reokordbox software, these new Pioneer controllers have be designed to allow users to playback their own created and saved sample sequences.

    The DDJ-RR features the new Sequence Load button, enabling users to uploa

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  2. Singer Prince Dies Suddenly Age 57

    Prince Rogers Nelson, known as Prince, an American singer, songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist and actor has died at his Paisley Park home in Minnesota, at the age of 57.

    The renowned innovator was widely known for his eclectic work and extremely flamboyant stage presence and became a global superstar in the 1980's with iconic hits such as Purple Rain and Kiss.

    Prince sold over 100 million records worldwide, won 7 Grammy Awards, 1 Golden Globe and 1 Academy Award, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time. His music spanned a wide range of styles, including funk, rock, R&B, Soul and Pop.

    On April 21st 2016, Police were called to his Paisley Park estate following a distressed medical emergency call. He was pronounced dead that day.

    When news broke of the singers death hundred of fans gathered outside his estate and many  celebrities, including President Obama, Madonna, Boy George and thousand

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  3. Brighton Wheel Up For Sale

    News has come about that the infamous and much photographed Brighton Wheel will being leaving the seafront this year, after almost five years.

    The attraction's owners are currently on the hunt for a new location for the 45-metre wheel which has attracted more than 750,000 visitors.

    Previous locations for the attraction are Copenhagen, Paris and Cape Town, with Brighton joining the list shortly, following its removal later this year.

    The attraction's official last day of trading will be Sunday 8th May and will be dismantled the following day.

    Following the petition launch earlier this month, just under three hundred signatures have signed in agreement to move the Brighton Wheel to Ramsgate. However, once the estimated five day dismantling period has taken place, the wheel will be transported back to storage in the Netherlands before its big move to a new location.

    We have been informed that the 45-metre attraction has been forc

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  4. The Odds Are In: Steve Davis 14/1 To Play In Ibiza This Year

    As of yesterday news has landed that Betway have announced recently retired Snooker Champion has 14/1 odds on being booked this year for a set on the White Isle. In addition to 50/1 odds for a set at Glastonbury in June!

    Steve Davis won the first of his world titles in 1981, the start of his decade of dominance and the mania behind the latest budding techno DJ continues.  

    Following on from a recent set at Bloc Weekender, which took place at Butlins Resort last month, the former snooker champions' odds are in favour for bookings at a selection of Summer 16 events. With Ibiza and Glastonbury in the offerings from bookmaker Betway, could Steve Davis be this years greatest hit?

    Furthermore, Betway has him at 6/1 to receive a knighthood. Whatever next?

    For those still not sold on Steve Davis the DJ, also known as “nugget” in the snooker world, get a ticket for his next set at Café OTO in London next month.

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  5. Gearooz Show Support With Brighton Marathon Water Station

    On Sunday 17th April Gearooz took part in the 2016 Brighton Marathon with their own Water Station.

    Gearooz volunteers began setting up their water station on Marlborough Place Road, Victoria Gardens at 6am; hanging banners and flags, arranging tables on either side of the road and pouring roughly 10,000 cups of water. By 9am mile 3 was buzzing with Gearooz volunteers ready and waiting for the mass of runners due to descend in under an hour.

    It was important to show support to the thousands of marathon runners so each Gearooz volunteer and member of the mile 3 crowd was equipped with Gearooz whistles and bang bang sticks. This made the first water station on the course a vibrant refuelling stop for the runners.

    This years Brighton Marathon was the biggest ever with a record number of 10,947 people starting the race following Zoe Ball's pistol in Preston Park. By 9.30am Gearooz began to see some of the runners making their way to the station and by 1

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  6. Frankfurt: Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound Review

    WOW...Frankfurt Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound is huge!

    I really didn’t understand the concept of how large these shows would be until I began walking around them. You could see everything; light shows in arenas, huge halls of musical instruments, extensive PA stands and large scale stage spaces, both inside and out. This show has it all and more.

    So let’s talk about some of the latest, new and exciting products I got to see during my time in Frankfurt.

    It is safe to say that this is the year of Denon. If the rumours are true (and I hope they are) we all need to watch out because this brand is coming back stronger and better than ever.

    The MCX8000 is a well-built piece of equipment and with its new price point, this controller provides us all with the ability to finally leave the laptop at home and take our music with us! For those who are not as excited as I am by this prospect, simply close the laptop lid and use

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  7. Frankfurt: Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound 2016

    Prolight + Sound (running from 5th-8th April) and Musikmesse (running from 7th-10th April) is happening in Frankfurt right now! With over 2,000 exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world set to visit the show at some point during the five day period, Frankfurt is currently a pivotal city for the music and event industry, transforming the German city into a stage!

    A grand total of 2,043 exhibitors from 60 different countries signed up to this years show, presenting and showcasing their latest product range, with additional new and exciting product releases and innovations.

    This years 2016 show boasts a new concept with revised opening times, big show changes and additional spaces, hoping to move the show towards current and future social trends and changes. Guests and show visitors can continue the show celebrations, once the doors have closed for the day, at various venues throughout the city with over 50 concerts in a selection

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  8. Musikmesse 2016: Reloop Release Beatmix 4 MK 2 Controller

    Musikmesse, Frankfurt is well underway and Reloop have announced an all-black version of the Beatmix 4 Serato DJ Controller. This new performance-orientated, 4-channel pad controller for Serato features pads, jogwheels and an onboard two-channel sound card. The Beatmix 4 MK 2 comes with the 4-deck version of Serato DJ Intro out of the box enabling users to connect and start mixing straight away.

    The new controller offers an ergonomically designed 4-channel mixer layout, with a dedicated equalizer and gain dials, high-quality line faders, an extremely smooth crossfader, 16 multi-colour drum pads and two extensive FX units.

    The large rubberised drum pads on this new controller are used to control cue points, trigger loops, select various loop lengths and trigger samples. The colour coded trigger pads provide a visual guide for users regarding status and mode selection, meaning the users are always in control. Perfect for dark surroundings! Furthermore, user

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  9. Pioneer DJ Release Toraiz SP-16 Sampler

    Pioneer DJ have announced today their first major piece of live performance hardware and the start of their production equipment, the TORAIZ SP-16 sampler and step sequencer, expected to release officially this summer.

    The Toraiz SP-16 is a versatile stand-alone sound machine. This new unit features an intuitive 7-inch touch screen, 16 powerful sampler engines, analogue filters and quantization syncing with CDJs via PRO DJ Link.

    Toraiz SP-16 features a sequencer which enables DJs to quickly drop sounds into the 16-step sequencer to create up to 256 patterns, playback loops or trigger one-shots with the multicoloured performance pad. Users can quickly drop their sounds into 16-step loops and modulate the sounds via the six dials below the touch screen. The multicoloured buttons correspond to the colours users assign to each sound and patterns can be saved and ready for instant play back.

    The 7-inch full-colour touch screen with detailed sample info

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  10. Musikmesse & Prolight + Sound 2016 Is Here With Plenty Of Changes

    Musikmesse 2016 takes place Thursday 7th April to Sunday 10th April at the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre. The shows sister event, Prolight + Sound is now fully underway and will run until Friday 8th April.

    This time last year, we were all subject to widespread and frequent speculation regarding the future of Musikmesse and its format for shows to come, with the possibility of the show taking place at a later date in the calendar year and whether the show's audience would change, becoming more domesticated.

    Now 12 months on and with just two days to go before the 2016 Musikmesse show begins, despite the sister event Prolight + Sound starting today, everyone has a much clearer picture and understanding of what to expect from this years show and what the 'new concept' entales.

    The show will now be open to the public for the full three day duration and has relocated to the western section of the Exhibition Centre. This essentially means t

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