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  1. Top 10 White DJ & Band Products This Wedding Season

    Wedding season is upon us and Gearooz have put together a selection of top 10 high quality white DJ products perfect for your wedding function. All items are housed in bright white casings or powder coatings, achieving a sleek and sophisticated look that will blend in with any wedding backdrop.


    This stereo package consists of 2 PA speakers, 2 XLR cables and a speaker stand set. 

    The range, housed in white polypropylene, has high efficiency switch mode power supply, bi-amplified system in Bass-reflex and 4 DSP preset for maximum acoustical flexibility and these are just some of the features of this excellent package.


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  2. EU Referendum What Does This Mean For The British Music Industry?

    The EU referendum has dominated the headlines for what seems like forever but the decision has been made clear and the people of the UK have voted to leave the EU. The initial confusion and disorder has shown the pound has already dropped to a 30-year low and the Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned, with a new leader set to be appointed by October.

    But the question we are raising is what effects will this have on the music industry?

    British acts can currently freely tour and sell their records in a market of 500 million people. The EU pours more than £1 billion pounds of funding into the creative industries and there are endless EU programs that benefit them with UK applications having a 46 percent success rate. The UK’s music industry is one of the largest and most influential in Europe, outperforming the rest of the British economy by five percent last year, with British artists accounting for over 17 percent of album sales in the

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  3. Gearooz Glastonbury Survival Tips

    The world's most famous festival Glastonbury is already struggling with a huge mud bath before the party has even started.

    Thousands of festival- goers found themselves stuck in mud and traffic before the glasto gates had even opened.

    All major traffic routes were hit with delays of up to 12 hours and to pass the time many embraced the festival spirit by playing cricket on the congested roads and also stopped to dance with each other.

    Meanwhile on site a lorry carrying hundreds of gallons of cider became stuck in deep mud just yards from the famous Pyramid stage. Owner Julian Temperley and his team got stuck in with spades and even railway sleepers to help dig out the cider loaded vehicle.

    Here are some festival tips from Gearooz on how to survive the Glastonbury mud pools:

    1. Wrap clean spare clothes in bin bags, worst case scenario - wear the bin bag.
    2. Be careful where you camp. Try not to pitch your tent

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  4. Gearooz Sells Abstract LED Pixel Mapping DigiBLOX

    Gearooz is proud to be bringing the digiBLOX to your modern set up! This state of the art digiBLOX system from Abstract provides DJ’s with a simple and effortless solution for adding LED pixel mapping effects to their lightshows.

    The DigiBLOX 25 Panel is a colourful compact 5x5 matrix of individually controllable RGB LED’s for low resolution visual effects. It has wide angle close proximity viewing with optional enhanced daylight application.

    They are bright and versatile allowing eye catching effects and unique colour changing displays to be created via a range of built in programs. The 4 button LED display menu on top of the digidrive unit can be used to select control modes and choose static colours. Strobing effects can be triggered alongside the ability to black out panels without needing access to the drive itself.

    The all in one kit includes 6 digiblox, 25 panels, a digidrive control

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  5. Save with our JBL speaker packages

    Gearooz are excited to announce our new range of JBL EON speaker packages which are available to order online now. These bundles include two speakers with speaker stands and XLR’s, enabling users to start playing live straight away.

    The new EON 600’s are a true step forward in technology and have been designed to deliver the best possible sound using the latest technologies. Featuring advanced waveguide technology JBL has added wireless control via Bluetooth. This enables users to access the EQ settings and control up to four EON speakers directly from their Android or Iphone using the JBL app. This adds a nice touch that allows quick adjustments to be made if monitors are out of reach.

    The speakers all feature new cabinet and amplifier designs and are held in moulded polypropylene cabinets with a black finish and integral steel full face grille. Handles are located on the top, bottom and either side of each unit. Furthermore, JBL EON speakers

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  6. New Professional Package: ADJ AV6 Video Wall Effects System

    Gearooz are proud to present a new and exciting professional package, the ADJ AV6 Video Wall 5x3 System.

    This incredible new package includes 15 AV6 Video Panels, 5 AV6RBI Rigging Bars, 1 MCTRL-300 Video Processor, 2 AV6FC Flight Cases, in addition to all the necessary cables needed. Each of the items within the package can also be purchased singularly online now.

    Gearooz ADJ AV6 Wall System aims to enable its users to create stunning visual effects and video presentations on a 2880mm x 1728mm screen. Link all 15 panels via EtherCon and Powercon for

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  7. Gearooz Sells Decksaver!

    Gearooz have now teamed up with Decksaver - a company designed to provide your DJ and audio equipment the very best cover so you’ll never miss a beat.

    With 45 years experience in design engineering and plastics manufacturing Decksaver use the latest polycarbonate technology to create their durable protective covers. All their covers are suitable for an extensive range of branded DJ equipment, including Pioneer, Yamaha, Behringer, Numark, Rane and more.

    All Decksaver products are tailor-made for any setup and provide the perfect fit for your equipment. Protecting your DJ equipment from liquid spillages, accidental damage and impact is essential. However, Decksavers simple yet durable approach aims to achieve this and more! Safeguarding equipment and keeping products aesthetically pleasing at the same time are just some of the benefits of these protective covers. Decksaver ensure protection against dust and keeps equipment looking professional and coo

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  8. DJ TechTools Chroma Caps

    A dark corner of a club is a familiar scene to a DJ and without correct lighting over a mixing board knobs and faders can be hard to see.

    If you are wanting to easily navigate your mixer in low light settings then look no further than DJ TechTools Chroma Caps.
    The bright coloured caps come in twelve different colours and are easy to install. Simply pull the old or exisiting knobs straight up to avoid twisting and bending them. Alternatively, use a small coin or butter knife to lever them off (making sure you don’t bend the shaft)  then replace with the new chroma caps.

    With large markers and a soft rubber exterior chroma caps are 30% wider than standard DJ caps and have grippable markings. They only support 0 and 90 degree pot postitions which is found on most common mixers including Pioneer, Allen and Heath.

    Available in four sizes;  the encoder knob, the fatty knob, the super knob and faders, the caps all fit on a 6.5

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  9. American Audio CPX New Speaker Range

    We're happy to announce we are selling the brand new American Audio CPX range of speakers available online now!

    The new American Audio CPX Speaker range comes in a variety of sizes, from 8 to 15 inches. These new designs are well known for being appropriate for a variety of events, ranging from mobile DJing to local venues, such as churches, clubs and bars. This new speaker range is ideal for installations where affordable sound is required.

    American Audio CPX speaker range consists of four models, all of which have been nicknamed the “Road Warriors” due to their rugged and durable construction. This new speaker series from American Audio have been designed to ensure a hard wearing and long lasting product suitable for the travelling end user.

    When the CPX series are combined with the QTX series it can reinforce the overall sound projection, delivering th

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  10. Gearooz Sells DJ TechTools Chroma Caps

    We are now extremely excited to announce that we are a UK stockist of DJ TechTools Chroma Caps accessory range! In addition to a small selection of other DJ TechTools products, such as Traktor Drum Sequencers and Midi Controller Carry Bags.

    Our current full product range available to order online consists of DJ TechTools controller accessories, Chroma Caps for custom controller caps, knobs, faders and encoders. All of the Chroma series caps available online are available in a selection of colours; orange, green and blue which come in a variety of glow in the dark and neon colour-ways. Our Chroma Cap range can be purchased online as single items or 5/10 unit packages.

    DJ TechTools Chroma Caps range have been designed to replace existing faders and knobs, enabling users to personalise their DJ controller, mixer or other compatible device. The bright and vibrant colour choices will make any controller eye catching and stand out on the crowd.


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