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  1. ADJ Launches New Battery Powered UV Infused-Pars

    ADJ has recently launched two new battery powered UV infused pars. The Mega Go Par64 and Mega QPLUS combine colour mixing and portability. These additions portable, compact, and can run without the need for mains power they are both new to the Mega go Series and are perfect for mobile DJs and production companies, these pars enable a quick set-up time and offer a new level of creative freedom.

    The new Mega Go Par64 Plus packs in 0.07W LEDs (split across 56 Red, 60 Green and 56 Blue), which allows the fixture to generate bright primary colour washes as well as offer full RGB (red, green and blue) mixing to create a huge palette of colours and shades. This is then enhanced by the inclusion, at the centre of the 10mm LEDs, of a single high-power 3W UV LED which allows for black-light effects

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  2. Gearooz Festival Tips

    We are currently in the heart of festival season, so here at Gearooz we have listed our top festival tips to help you plan and prepare for your weekend ahead, and ensure it runs smoothly.

    1.    Travel light- Leave your valuables at home but bring a spare pair of socks and a jumper in case you have a rainy weekend.

    2.    Give your tent a once over or set up your tent beforehand to avoid frustration and disappointment when you realise you have a missing tent pole, or a big hole in the top of your tent.  It is important to make sure you tent will hold up against the elements – no one likes a soggy sleeping bag.

    3.    On arrival pitch your tent in a good spot-near a landmark but definitely not at the bottom of a hill, next to walkway, or near the toilets!

    4.    Bring a travel size sun cream to avoid crippling sunburn when you are standing among the crowd by keeping you

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  3. What Is ILDA And How Can I Control My Laser With It?

    Since the rise in popularity of lasers in recent years, technology has had the chance to become more advanced and software has developed that allows a DJ to customise their shows.

    ILDA is an analogue cable that connects a compatible laser to the chosen ILDA software via an interface. It connects between a USB port and an ILDA input connector on your chosen laser projector and enables users to operate unique lasers designs.

    An ILDA interface is used in the laser industry the same way a 3/5PIN DMX interface is used but this allows the importation of custom graphics, text, and effects which is then developed into animation lasers.

    Users can have control of their shows; design their own logos and images to suit a certain event, or just to add visual excitement to a show.

    A laser can project onto any surface which

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  4. £5 Off BPM | PRO 2016 Tickets

    If you’re a mobile DJ wanting to improve your technique or a novice DJ wanting to watch incredible sets at the world’s biggest DJing and electronic music production event, then we have a fantastic deal.

    Gearooz are offering our customers £5 off all advance tickets for BPM 2016 meaning you can book a general admission ticket for just £15!

    In 2016 BPM celebrates a landmark tenth year bringing a new show location, and exciting new brands and ideas.

    An event like no other - BPM|PRO is the only place to witness special effects from the front row, experience earth-shattering performances from the hottest DJs, and expand your knowledge. From bedroom DJs to professional audio technicians, BPM|PRO is a fresh event for the entertainment world’s most passionate.

    BPM allows customers to get interactive with equipment from big name brands and enhance their creativity, alongside being educated from the best and watching superb performa

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  5. Is The Future Bright For UK Nightlife?

    The UK government recently announced that better regulations for clubs and bars will now be a priority.  

    Tom Kiehl, director of government and public affairs at the industry body, told Newsbeat that British venues have a “bright future”, adding, “The night time economy is something the government will be considering very closely going forward.”

    A recent study conducted by Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) found the UK's night-time economy is worth £66 billion and employs 1.3 million people. And this is a key reason Kiehl says changing approaches to dealing with it is “very much on ministers’ plates”.

    Since 2015 almost half of UK clubs have had to shut down, which is why NTIA chairman Alan Miller has created a new scheme called NightLife Matters. This venture aims to change the way the government views clubs and bars and encourages the industry to be viewed in a more positive

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  6. Tomorrowland Festival 2016

    Tomorrowland festival kicked off on Friday,  finally revealing to everyone the design of this year’s main stage. Known as one of the biggest electronic music festivals on the planet its unique stage set-ups attract 120,000 visitors each year from all over the world. 

    Since launching in 2005 in the town of Boom, Belgium’s Tomorrowland has been renowned for its incredible production and innovative weird and wacky stage designs.

    Each year Tomorrowland has a chosen theme with this year’s theme being “The Elixir Of Life”. Exhibiting large trees, lush greenery and fantasy style stages with dragons models, this year’s theme is a true fairytale and Tomorrowlands production hasn’t disappointed. This year’s main stage featured a giant tree including different platforms and levels for artists. Similar to previous years the main stage shows included fireworks and smoke amongst other pyrotechnics which proved to us that To

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  7. Adding A Sub To My Speaker Setup

    Gearooz explains the how to choose and use a subwoofer, in the context of stereo applications.

    A subwoofer is required specifically to reproduce low frequencies; it usually doubles up to handle the bass content of all main channels.

    Adding a sub to your setup can relieve your main speakers from the task of low-end reproduction which, with cheaper amps or low wattage speakers, can actually help them produce cleaner sound.

    Subwoofers can be effective and suitable when used properly. Equally, though, it is very easy to destroy any chance of good audio quality with an inappropriate choice of sub or a bad set-up. Poor subwoofer installations usually suffer from too much, or poorly defined, bass. Often there is a hole in the frequency spectrum in the crossover region between the satellite speakers and the subwoofer. It is therefore becoming increasingly common

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  8. Introducing The New Pioneer DDJ-RZX DJ Controller

    Gearooz introduces the new Pioneer DDJ-RZX DJ controller. Designed for DJs on the road, it comes with three 7-inch touch screens that allow you to get intuitive control over audio and video features in rekordbox dj and rekordbox video directly from the hardware. The DDJ-RZX is a 4-channel professional controller suitable for anyone who wants to bring videos into their performance.

    The DDJ-RZX features three touch screens teamed with advanced effects for viewing track information and applied pad effects alongside large jog wheels. Video previewing and monitoring is sharp and easily accessible on the 7-inch screens, and they give access to all the key features in both rekordbox dj and video plus pack.

    The Three 7-inch touch screens give you direct access to track information such as titles, BPM and key using deck display mode, enlarged waveforms for each track, as well as loops and hot cues in mixer display mode. You can use the displays to preview and monitor video an

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  9. The Gearooz Emergency Toolkit

    Picture yourself headed to one of the most important shows of your life, when on site you suddenly run out of fluid and your venue is demanding smoke! First off, don't let this happen to you! All mobile DJs should bring spare odds and ends as a backup to their gigs.

    This article is designed to give you advice you on why is it important to buy your own DJ Emergency Pack. Gearooz have put together a small kit with the components we believe you will need if you were to encounter any problems with your sound system. 

    What's important to be carrying?

    Gaffa tape -  Waterproof tape that can survive the outdoor elements, used for securing cables to the stage truss, floor or other surfaces .This durable and easy-to- tear tape will avoid those tripping hazards and stop your cables becoming tangled or damaged.

    1L bottle of smoke fluid – This fluid is made to the highest quality allowing you to get the best out of

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  10. XLR vs DMX


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