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  1. The New Maschine Jam

    Native Instruments have announced a brand new addition to the Maschine family – The Maschine Jam. This 8x8 multicolour click-pad matrix is focused on sequencing, arrangement and performance MPC-style beat making. It connects to a desktop computer and the touch pads can be loaded with drum samples and played by tapping out a rhythm. Alongside this is can be loaded with synth plug-ins and It is compatible with the Maschine software and other Native Instruments. It doubles up as a controller for Ableton Live.

    The Maschine Jam is a powerful multi-track step-sequencer for one, four or eight sounds simultaneously. In pad mode, sounds are entered in real time, while piano roll mode makes step-sequencing melodies in a variety of available scales.

    The unique multi-purpose controls have included eight dual-touch smart strips and the all-new perform FX map can connect to one of the effects to the JAM’s touch strips, letting you simultaneously grab and automate a par

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  2. Organising Your Music On A USB Drive

    USB sticks enable DJs to store thousands of songs and mixes without worrying about having a place to store them.

    By saving them all onto USB sticks they can easily be plugged into a laptop or controller allowing users to easily transport their music and take it with them anywhere they go. The only question is, how do you organise all these songs?

    Years ago DJs were organising all their vinyl and storing it in crates and boxes and in any spare space they had. This was also the same situation as with tape cassettes and CDs which were stacked on a shelf or in a large box.

    Grouping songs onto a USB according to their genres or specific gigs is a great way of making it clear what songs you have and what you may need to add to the collection. Adding twice the amount of tracks you need for a long night of DJing is a necessity.

    By creating playlists on Rekordbox, DJs can efficiently transfer sets of songs they plan to use onto a USB stick and by tagging each

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  3. Introducing The Akai MPC Touch

    Gearooz presents Akai's new addition the MPC Touch. This new controller features classic MPC pads, a 7 inch multi-touch screen, and hands on controls. The versatility of the MPC allows users to mix beats, alter waveforms and edit MIDI.

    The powerful MPC software lets users easily manipulate music, grab and expand waveforms, draw envelopes and move notes on the sequencer grid.

    The MPC Touch has 16 pads which are velocity and pressure sensitive and can register with the slightest touch. The pads also illuminate in different colours to denote different modes and users can also configure colours. Also featured is note repeat for inputting notes quickly, half-level button for half-level pad velocity, audio input and output, and an erase button enabling users to eliminate any notes they wish.

    Located under the screen are main and menu buttons allowing users to access the MPC software, record, overdub, stop and play the controller. Alongside this the shift button can

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  4. M-Audio Code MIDI Controllers

    The M-Audio CODE series keyboard controllers are a family of three models, the 61, 49 and 25. The models feature all the latest technology and combine new features that improve usability and functionality. The Code series controllers are all affordable and are considered to be a powerful solution in keyboard controllers enhancing any performance.  

    The intuitive controllers support USB connectivity but also offer traditional MIDI in and out ports as well. They have a five-octave playing surface, a four-by-four pad array with all 16 pads offering velocity and pressure sensitive keys, and colourful illuminated buttons.

    The keyboards can be split into four independent zones, which allow users to access multiple plugins at once.

    The feature line-up for the Code series is concluded by a pitch bend and a modulation wheel in the top left-hand corner and by an X-Y pad on the far right-hand side.

    The controller includes an X-Y pad. This can manipulated to

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  5. Introducing the Numark Party Mix Controller

    The Numark Party Mix is a 2-channel controller designed to enhance events and give any occasion that perfect party atmosphere.

    The controller can connect directly to a laptop and allows users to play and mix all of their tracks and videos with the included software. Users can preview their mix in their headphones before cross-fading the music to their speakers and synchronise colourful light patterns thanks to its built-in lightshow.

    There is a variety of fantastic features that are available with Party Mix. Each deck has four cue points alongside readily accessible pads for effects. DJs can toggle through Pad Mode and create loops on 8, 4, 2 and 1 bar phrases.  Users can add instant effects to their music and have access to pre-loaded samples or add your own.

    Users can also control EQ with treble, bass, channel gain and master gain so they can customise and a

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  6. Serato DJ 1.9.3 Out Now With Ableton Link Integration

    Serato DJ has just released the Serato DJ 1.9.3. The latest version of the software includes Ableton Link which allows users to sync it with other Ableton Link-enabled applications, including Ableton Live. Alongside this the Serato sampler has also been upgraded coming with eight slots instead of six, and the Roland DJ-808 controller is supported.

    The DJ 1.9.3 has user friendly features including tempo syncing between Serato DJ and Ableton and users can connect apps to Ableton, which will allow them to mix tracks in Serato along with the live project on time and in phrase.

    Other features include pitch n play tone, play cue mapping and built-in drum sequencing for Roland DJ-808.

    Serato DJ 1.9.3 also has enhanced the stability as additional bugs have been fixed including audio issues. Alongside this it has a number of software and iOS apps that are compatible with it. 

    A new MIDI mapping panel gives users advanced control over deck modes, loop size

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  7. Pioneer Announces An Extension To Its Equipment Case Range...

    Pioneer has announced they are extending their equipment case range and now including seven new custom-designed zipper carry bags specifically created to fit its range of DJ players, mixers and MIDI controllers.

     The bags will be made out of EVA Durashock moulding, black ballistic polyester and have black fleeced lining. Resulting in a smart and professional look.

     Included in the range is the DJC-B/WEGO3+ BAG which has been developed and designed to store and transport a DDJ-SB, DDJ-SB2, DDJ-RB, DDJ-WEGO3 or a DDJ-WEGO4. The next in the collection is the DJC-R BAG which can accommodate either a DDJ-SR or a DDJ-RR; while if you own either an XDJ-1000 or XDJ-1000MK2, the DJC-1000 BAG is specifically designed for your player. The XDJ-700 media player, DJM-S9 mixer and TORAIZ SP-16 live sampler each will now have a dedicated carry case, in the form of the DJC-700 BAG, DJC-S9 BAG and DJC-TSP16 BAG, respectively. Finally, the DJC-NXS2 BAG has been designed to s

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  8. DJiT Release Edjing Mix App With DVS Support

    DJiT have unveiled their new iOS app, edjing mix. Founded and based in Paris, DJiT designs, develops and markets mobile music apps.  In addition to its wide range of music apps, DJiT has launched its first connected device the Mixfader, a Bluetooth scratch crossfader.

    Mobile DJ apps are improving and with the increasing power capabilities put into smartphones, and the recent launch of Apple’s iphone 7 there has been no better time to welcome the new and improved edjing Mix. It is the 6th edition in the DJ app series and includes a drum pad sampler, a convenient interface, DVS time code control, and Smart Volume which allows user to adjust the gain and volume of tracks without compromising the sound quality.

    Voted “Best App of 2015” by both Apple and Google, and recently showcased in official iPhone 7 webpage, this edjing app is the most advanced version ever and now features hardware integration, a brand new sampler and a selection

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  9. AGNT Is Launched As New DJ Booking Platform

    AGNT is designed to be a simple solution in booking a DJ. Connecting DJs, promoters and customers, AGNT can be used by anyone from wedding party organisers to club managers.

    Each DJ has a profile that features their location, their availability, what genre of music they play and what equipment they need to put on a successful show. DJs are then filtered and listed to help event organisers find the right talent and for the amount they want to spend.

    The DJ profile can be customised to include a biography, background, portfolio, social media platforms and cancellation policies. It also allows DJs to see upcoming event listings and filter through these plus being able to contact and register an interest in listed events.

    Organisers can book DJs by searching for location, genre, and date of an event and price range. They can access verified reviews of the DJs that have been left by other promoters and customers.

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  10. Reloop Teams Up With Serato & Algoriddum To Create Mixon 4 Controller

    Reloop has announced a hybrid performance controller that is part of collaboration with Serato and Algoriddum. The two acclaimed DJ software’s have partnered to create this multi-platform controller – the Mixon 4.

    The controller is compatible with two platforms across Mac, PC, Andriod and iOS. It has some of the latest features from both software’s including Macro FX and Pitch Play in Serato DJ, something which was only available on the Denon DJ MCX8000. Other features include a key sync button to match tracks and a slot at the back of the top panel that can fit an iPad Pro, so you can charge your iOS device while DJing with it.

    Users can enhance their DJ set with Serato DJ available on Mac and PC and explore new tools and expansion packs.

    The controller is considered to be a professional controller for Algoriddums djay pro software and is a great addition to the selection of Serato DJ controllers currently available.  Algoriddim djay P

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