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  1. Showven Sparkular Mini Machine Fountain Display

    Showven Sparkular Mini Machine Non-Pyrotechnic DMX Fountain Display Package.

    Want to take your show to the next level? This incredible firework display unit is the latest in pyrotechnics. The fountain machine is a non-pyrotechnic unit that gives you the ability to create show stopping displays that can be synchronised with music. If you really want to impress your crowd adding more units to your setup will make your show even more spectacular – you will need to purchase a controller for this unit separately, for more details on this product visit the Gearooz website.

    Not only are these units compact and easy to transport if you are a mobile DJ or solo performer, but the non hazardous content makes for unlimited creativity. If you are performing at festivals or parties with a large crowd this product is perfect, creating stunning firework displays without the firework risk. Great value for money in a han

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  2. Yamaha APZ500III Electro-Acoustic Guitar Signed By The Stereophonics


    Yamaha APZ500III Dusk Sun Red Electro-Acoustic Guitar Signed By The Stereophonics


    This limited edition APX500III guitar, signed by all 4 members of The Stereophonics: Kelly Jones, Richard Jones, Adam Kindani and Jamie Morrison is a must have. Bringing an unforgettable presence to the stage this piece in sure to leave your audience wanting more.

    This beautiful guitar utilises a strong spruce top and Nato/Okume back and sides allowing a full tonal range, I highly recommend getting your hands on this product. The System 66 electrical pickup system features an under-saddle piezo pickup that was developed by Yamaha to respond perfectly with the dynamics of this guitar, making it a top quality item.

    This unit is supplied in a pro Yamaha gig bag, making for easy transport. Whether you are a performing in small venues such as bars and pubs or if you are a travelling performer for larger events such as festivals and parties this is the p

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  3. Chauvet Swarm Wash FX RGBAW + UV Light Pair Package

    The Product:

    Chauvet swarm wash FX RGBAW + UV LED DJ SMX effect light pair bag package features 4-in-1 LED light that combines an RGBAW rotating derby, RGB+UV wash, red/green laser, and a ring of white SMD strobes.


    If you’re looking to switch up your set and energize your crowd then this new lighting fixture is perfect. Whether you are a mobile DJ, band or solo performer this product will fit into all setups of all sizes. The improved menu structure makes for easy use; this item is great for beginners as well as advanced users.

    With multiple lighting effects including red and green laser beams that project thousands of beams for maximum coverage, the possibilities are endless creating an individual and exciting light show which your audience will love. The freedom to individually control each effect via DMX and master/slave modes, or an optional IRC-6 remote means you can get the most creativity out of this product.

    I highly reco

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  4. Meet The ADJ Mini Dekker LZR

    The Product:

    ADJ Mini Dekker LZR 20W derby beam red/green laser light pair package. This Mini Dekker, part of the Startec Series includes two dance floor effects all in one fixture. A Moonflower with two 10W RGBW LEDs and a red/green laser effect with mesmerising patterns that disperses across the room.


    This fixture is ideal for all users, the light weight and compact size makes for easy transport for mobile entertainers, small bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. DMX-512 LED effect that produces red, green, blue and white coloured beams from 48 lenses this product is sure to make for a memorable event. Whatever the occasion this product would be a great addition to your setup, and will definitely draw in the crowd.

    The Mini Dekker is controlled by DMX, sound activation or it’s built in shows. You are also able to purchase separately the UC IR wireless remote or the Airstream IR iOS app to control the Mini Dekker, if desired. Some

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  5. Product Focus: ADJ Illusion Dotz 4.4

    The Product:

    ADJ Illusion Dotz 4.4 480W COB LED RGB Pixel Map Moving Head Pair Package. A Moving Head wash fixture with sixteen 30W Chip On Board pixel controller TRI LEDs. The 360/560 degree pan and 270 degree tilt adds that extra dimension to your show allowing for the beams to move and spin.


    This product is perfect if you want to add something special to your show. Because the fixture is Artnet/Klingnet compatible, creators may project low-res video through the RJ45 connections on the back of the unit. This added feature makes for an unforgettable event; perfect for large parties or festivals this product will definitely make an impact on your crowd.

    The Illusion Dotz 4.4 is a great new addition to any setup, perfect for larger events such as festivals or parties or for smaller performances in bars and pubs. The Dotz Illusion 4.4’s stunning effects from the on-board 4x4 pixel mapping capabilities will add life to your lightshow. The f

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  6. The New Gearooz VIP Mercedes Vito Sport

    Here at Gearooz we’re giving you an exclusive opportunity to drive our brand new, state of the art Mercedes Vito Sport. Being the only one of its kind in the touring world, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the chance to travel in this level of comfort and ease to every gig, across the UK & Europe.

    While driving over these distances, you'll come to realize and appreciate the levels of detail that have gone into this particular model. There are improvements such as:

    • Cruise control
    • Fully automatic with the option to switch to a steared mounted gearbox
    • Active Parking Assist
    • Reversing Camera
    • Fully fitted climate control for the air conditioning/heating

    During the long journeys between cities and counties, you will be looking for a vehicle like this to fulfill your needs. The features that you'll experience are:

    • Two screens behind the headrests to use for DVD's
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  7. The ES1203 Line Array System with Stereo Speaker Stands.

    The Product: An ES1203 Line Array System with Stereo Speaker Stands.

    Speaker Type: 3-amped Stereo System with two full-range tops and one subwoofer


    This sound system is perfect for various environments whether needed for large events such as festivals or smaller events such as parties or for a beginner at home. This set reliable set up is great for taking on the road; it is durable with its scratch-resistant black coat and the magnetic dolly makes for an easy and smooth transport.

    This product is simple to set up and contains a step-by-step guide to configure the system, making this great for beginners. Not only is this a quality product but is modern and stylish creating an all over sleek design. I would highly recommend this product; its high quality design and sound will suit all purposes and will fit perfectly into permanent installations making it well worth the price.

    More Information:

    This 3-amped stereo sound system com

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  8. Gearooz Brighton City Airport

    Our Showroom:

    Our showroom is located at Brighton City Airport in a converted aircraft hangar and features a range of high quality products for our customers to view and demo. Everyone is welcome to come and try out our products, we stock a variety of equipment from mixers and DJ speakers to instruments and lighting we also stock different cases and accessories to go along with your product. Whether you are a beginner or a professional there is sure to be something for you. If you are in need of technical or practical advice there will always be someone to help you get the most out of your experience. Our products are great for permanent and professional venue installations, bands or beginners, our showroom lets you test and experience the products to see which suits you best.

    Our Products:

    From the variety of products we stock there is something for everyone. If you are a small music studio or a beginner we stock all the recording and producing equipment you

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