Monthly Archives: August 2017

  1. Gemini Mix2Go Portable DJ Mixing Console

    The new Gemini Mix2Go portable mixing console is in stock now! Connect any device and take the party anywhere. Options are endless with the 6 hour built in rechargeable battery and seamless connectivity to your mobile devices with DJ software and applications. This product is perfect for those who are on the go, whether you are a mobile entertainer or in need of a compact mixer for a small party this is ideal for you.

    This product features a full 2 channel DJ controller with 8 performance pads per deck for looping and hot cueing. With built in lighting effects with beat control, you can create stand out LED light shows to compliment your music. The Gemini Mix2Go is great for beginners, who want to further their DJ skills. Built with an included durable shoulder strap and handles this truly is a dream for travelling DJs. A high quality speaker system on board with crisp highs and deep bass, aux and microphone input this product does not lack quality even with its compact size

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  2. Loud&Clear UK Roadshow

    Celebrating 90 years of Electro-voice and 70 years of Dynacord, Bosch Pro Sound UK is embarking on a UK wide roadshow showcasing the latest releases from both brands.  This event will take place on the 5th of September at 6pm and will be situated at our Gearooz showroom near Brighton, where you can experience a live Ev demo.

    With free admission this is an opportunity you cannot miss this event will give you the chance to witness some of the newest sound and lighting equipment in a professional venue. You will be able to hear and see for yourself how these products perform. For more information please visit the Global EV and Dynacord facebook pages which also feature the Loud&Clear Roadshow timetable, we looking forward to seeing you there.

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  3. Back To School Instruments

    Did you know we have instruments that are great for kids? We will make the back to school rush easier with our wide range of high quality instruments including a mini bongo conga djembe set, guitars, violins and more. Music lessons will be a breeze with our range of inexpensive equipment ideal for the little ones and for children who are more advanced.

    We offer a variety of instruments at different skill levels such as little percussions sets which are perfectly designed for parents and teachers allowing their children or pupils to learn the basic ensemble sounds and rhythms from a young ages. Gearooz is sure to have what you’re looking for and we can help you, our online chat is available from Monday to Friday 9-6pm if you have any questions. 

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  4. Tour With Us This Summer

    Tour with us this summer with our variety of band vans, with two different choices of vans, ‘The Tourer’ a 9 seater self drive splitter and ‘The Cruiser’ a 5 seater self drive splitter there is certainly something to suit all your needs. Our vehicles are professionally converted to accommodate the needs of artists on the road. Extremely economical Gearooz band vans provide features most other companies don’t. Our vans also allow you to travel throughout the UK and Europe; available on a standard UK license hiring one of our vans is quick and easy.

    Our 9 seater splitter is an expertly converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinters or similar. Designed to transport up to nine people safety and comfortably. With plenty of storage in the rear of the van all your equipment is secured and ready to go. Our vans are a great solution to transporting any band or performing act. With comfortable seats, privacy glass and an entertainment system amongst other necessities

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