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  1. The Equinox Hot Rod Package - Review

    The new Equinox hot rod sweeping beam light package is a great and affordable option if you are looking to purchase a moving head light, a package is the ideal way to save money and increase the quality of your show. Fast moving 3.4° beams are projected from the twin, individually controllable, tilting bars which create unique atmospheric effects.

     A simple and easy choice for beginners the smooth, fast motors for pan and independent tilt movements allow the fixture to generate beautiful mid-air effects from its 8 zones which make this package perfect for mobile djs as well as club installations.

     The Equinox hot rod package allows great customization, the hanging brackets allows the fixture to be installed into any set up and also allows artists to attach it to stands and trussing.

     The Equinox Hot Rod Lighting package in now available to order online, head over to 

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  2. The FBT Ventis Speaker Packages

    Interested in some new speakers? The new FBT Ventis speaker packages are now available online at You can also apply for finance to spread the cost over 6, 10 or 12 months free of interest and only a 10% deposit.

     We offer multiple different packages for the FBT Ventis range so you can choice which one suits you best. The 115, 112 and 110 models are two-way, bass reflex designs housed in 15mm birch plywood. The 206 and 206A is constructed in 12mm birch plywood, has an integrated rear handle, an optional mounting bracket and, most importantly, an astonishing size to SPL ratio.

     The FBT Ventis range offers powerful DSP with 6 versatile pre-sets. Crafted by expert FBT engineers, the pre-sets offer a performance for every requirement.

    Original/live &

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  3. Looking to Upgrade? Check Out The Alesis Strike Pro Drum Kit

    The Alesis Strike Pro Kit is truly a masterpiece, it combines the feel and familiarity of acoustic drums with the versatility and capability of the best electronic drums. If you are in the market to upgrade your kit and you want a set like no other, then the Alesis Strike is the perfect choice. This piece of equipment is sure to be a show stopper on stage and will definitely entice the crowd. These are the perfect drums to move beyond the limitations of a conventional acoustic set, without sacrificing other elements.

     Customise Strike to your sound, The Strike performance module has a sound library with 100 brand new drum kits and 100 customisable user kits made from over 1000 instruments. With such versatility this would be the perfect addition to your core set up. The module has on-board sampling capability, SD card storage, and USB/MIDI connectivity, which you can use in conjunction with your favourite music production software as well as the powerful new strike soft

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  4. A Must Have, for your controller! - The Pioneer DJCSC3 Gig Bag

    Pioneer has been a recognised brand for its quality and service for the last two decades and have re-launched as Pioneer Dj Corporation, its main focus being to bring their customers the best products in the business. Putting the needs of Djs, clubs and the dance music community first, you can be sure that their products are designed with you in mind.

     One product in particular, many overlook but is a vital part of your collection. Gig bags, more specifically the Dj controller bag from Pioneer, keeping your investments safe and secure on the road. The Pioneer Soft Gig Bag for XDJR1 Controller is the perfect size to fit the XDJ-R1. The DJC-SC3 has protective cushions to prevent damages from vibrations and shocks making this ideal for mobile performers. Transport your laptop safely along with your other equipment, as well as your headphones, cables, tablet devices and more in two pockets on the front of the bag.

     This is a versatile bag and can be carried in

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  5. In Stock Now! - The QTX Fireball Crystal LED Lighting Package

    Designed as a complete light effects solution for parties, performers and special events the QTX Fireball Crystal LED Lighting is a fun and dynamic product. Each lighting effects is angle-adjustable to disperse colour and unique patterns around the room. No need for multiple lighting equipment making the room untidy with the Fireball Crystal Lighting you can reach about corner of the room with just one installation.

    Tight for budget and do not want to spend loads of various lighting effects? This is the perfect addition to your set up, with four lights in one this is an affordable yet quality option. We also offer this product in a package as well as individually for those looking to fill larger spaces. 

    The QTX Fireball is in stock now on our website so if you are interested in getting your hands on one be sure to order now online. 

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  6. ADJ Vizi CMY 300 Hybrid LED Moving Head - Review

    From ADJ comes the next generation LED Hybrid moving head. Offering a massive output from its specially designed 300W engine means it can light large venues and event productions. If you are tired of have to crowd truss in an installation with multiple fixtures the Vizi CMY300 is a great solution, it’s a hybrid utility fixture as it acts as a beam, spot and wash all in one with a huge zoom range from 8 to 48 degrees.

     Also allowing for less fixtures to be packed in a truck for production events, as well as that it comes in a smaller footprint than a lot of other movers in its class. You can also create personalised lightshows as the Vizi 300 CMY offers a CMY colour mixing, making it easy to customise colours. For those who want to change up their shows and make it one-of-a-kind this is the ideal all in one product.

     If you are in need of a hassle free moving head that can handle busy touring life the Vizi CMY300 offers a modular design resulting in ea

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  7. We're ready For Halloween, Are You?

    With Halloween just a few weeks away we wanted to remind you of the latest Halloween lighting and effects we offer. From bat themed fairy lights to self inflating pumpkins we are sure to have something for you whether you are having a Halloween party at home or you are performing at a festival and want to embrace the holiday our products are not only fun and colourful but quality items that can be used for other occasions, for example our Ultraviolet Black Light Effect Bar is not only great for creating a creepy atmosphere for Halloween but perfect for any DJ event whatever time of year it may be.

     Another recommended item is the QTX Fog Fogger Smoke Machine, an ideal addition to a haunted house or Halloween themed party but also a very popular effect used by many performers in their permanent set ups. Our Green Monster Hands Fairy Lights as well as our Orange Pumpkin Lights are a firm favourite amongst customers and will bring any party to life. 

    All of ou

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  8. We're At BBC Amplify 2017

    We are at BBC Amplify 2017! Come along and say hello to the Gearooz team. We are showing off our brand new Band Vans and offering an array of amazing deals. Don’t miss out on the fun, you can come and try them out for yourself. Experience all that our fleet have to offer and get one-on-one time with our experts.

     We can accommodate all your touring needs, designed with our customers in mind. With multiple vans appearing at BBC Amplify this year you can choose which suits you and your band best.

     We will be at Amplify all weekend so make sure you take the time to visit us at the ExCel London. We can guide you through the process of hiring an exclusive artist or self drive band van. We can’t wait to see you there. 


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  9. The Citronic CLA-300 DJ Line Array Speaker - Review

    The Citronic CLA DJ Line Array Speaker, a high quality sound reinforcement system perfect for clubs, bars, and theatres amongst many other venues. This system includes a subwoofer with an integral amplifier and a cluster of 4x full range speakers. The Citronic CLA is designed to perform in any set up and any venue giving you optimal use. If you perform at larger venues such as festivals or concerts, then you can link together the line array speakers for larger applications giving you the appropriate set up for the occasion.

    The versatility of this product means you can create a variety of speaker displays, changing it up to fit your performance. Whether you are in need of a line array to fit within small venues or you need a customised kit to fill a unique space these speakers are ideal.

    The system compromises of many great features such as drivers that are constructed with a u

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  10. Introducing the Equinox Shard - Review

     Introducing the Equinox Shard, previously covered by Gearooz at BPM PRO 2017 we are now happy to offer you this product through our website and is now available to order. This high output moonflower is powered by a 60W Osram Ostar gaud colour RGBW LED. This high tech lighting produces an intense array of colours combined with pin sharp beams. Perfect for all occasions this fixture can fit into even the smallest of set ups, with several built in shows allowing the artist to select fast energetic movements and colour changes or a slow constant rotation to emulate a mirror ball effect.

     We offer the Equinox Shard in a package deal great for those who need a fuller set up. The couple offer much more powerful light shows and will fill a bigger space for your audience. Head over to for more information and a demo video, our team are always happy to help with any queries or questions our live chat is open 9-6pm Monday to Friday.

     Gearooz also off

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