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  1. The Flightcase Headphone Pro starter package from Pioneer!

    Pioneer has been one of the top brands for the past two decades and here at Gearooz we are always looking at the new and improved products that are released throughout the year. This year has been particularly successful, with so many incredible products on offer we are constantly reviewing them for you.

    With the year coming closing we are ending with a fantastic product from Pioneer, The Flight Case Headphone Pro Starter Package. This entry level set features many traits from our pro-DJ decks, making it a perfect springboard to professional sounding sets.

    The DJM-350 is a great mixer to get started, with powerful creative effects, USB recording and a MIC input with a 2-band EQ without the top flight price, the DJM-350 boasts features from Pioneer’s top-flight mixers.

    The HDJ-500s are designed to give you exceptional sound whether you’re DJing at home or in a club, or listening to music when you’re out and about.  The headphones follow

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  2. Compact and Portable, The Johnny Brook Electronic Drum Machine!

    The Johnny Brook electronic drum machine is great if your looking for a compact, portable drum with the capabilities of a full drum kit. Also suitable for beginners if you are looking to purchase a small kit before committing to a larger more expensive one.

     The Johnny Brook kit provides 265 drum sounds, 45 drum kits and 100 pre set songs. The sound system is specially designed to give a deep, powerful bass. You are able to plug in your music playing device to the Aux in Jack and play along to your favourite music. Also featuring a USB connector that is midi compatible to most computers and mobile devices for easy and quick connection.

     With quality features which replicate a standard drum kit these electronic drums are a great alternative if you are strap for space and budget. Beginners and drummer enthusiasts alike can improve their skill and craft just as well on the Johnny Brook drum machine as a full set, no need to compromise on quality or abilities.

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  3. P.Mauriat Saxophones, now available!

    Here at Gearooz we offer a variety of different instruments, from drums and guitars to violins and trombones. Today however we are talking about our saxophones, we have a range of P. Mauriat saxophones available in different styles and tones. With such a large selection we are sure to have what your looking for, all of incredible quality.

     Our saxophones range from £2,000 to £4,000, Gearooz do offer a finance scheme if you are looking for a little help with your investment. These instruments are designed to last and due to them still being considered as a unique instrument they will certainly turn heads.

     Some great features of these horns specifically are their structurally integrated, unitary rolled tone hole, which means they are not created by soft soldering a separate metal ring into the body.

    If you are interested in these amazing instruments head over to to place your order, alternatively if you have any questions abou

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  4. The PP Junior Drum Kit!

    The perfect way to get kids started on the drums, and get to grips with drumming techniques. The PP junior drum kit and provide everything a youngster would need to develop rhythmic co-ordination and timing, not to mention it’s great fun to play.

     The junior drum kit is definitely an investment for those who are passionate about getting ahead in musician career. Although this kit is slightly more expensive than other junior instruments the PP drum kit is of fantastic quality and will last throughout those junior years of practice and development.

     The PP drum kit comes in a beautiful red colour that will really stand out when you begin to get your first gigs. The kit is now available to order online, and would be a great treat to yourself this coming new year.

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  5. Gearooz Opening Hours over Christmas and the New Year!

    Check out our opening hours over Christmas and the New Year!


     Saturday 23rd – Closed

    Christmas Eve – Closed

    Christmas Day – Closed

    Boxing Day – Closed

    Wednesday 27th – 9am-6pm

    Thursday 28th – 9am-6pm

    Friday 29th – 9am-6pm

     New Year’s

     Saturday 30th – Closed

    New Year’s Eve – Closed

    New Year’s Day – Closed

    Tuesday 2nd – 9am-6pm

     If you have any questions or concerns over Christmas and New Years be sure to contact us within our opening hours and we will do our best to help. Our usual opening hours will return to normal on Tuesday 2nd and we are looking forward to seeing you in the new year! 

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  6. A Year Of Touring - 2017 Feedback Form.

    With 2017 coming to an end we are looking back at a successful year of touring, artists and bands from all over have taken to the road to show audiences what they’ve got! It’s been a fantastic year for music and we’ve seen so many new artists gain the recognition they deserve. And we know that hiring a vehicle for a tour is an essential part of this and unfortunately we know that it isn’t always as easy as we hope, so we’d like you to have your say.

     We've created a feedback form that we would like you to complete. We would like to gather a summary of all the tours that have happened this year. As a provider of our own band vans this will help us improve our service in the future as well as hopefully improving the companies that did not give you the service you required.

     By simply taking part and completing the survey, we will credit you £100 into your account for your next van hire with us, more information on this will

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  7. A Perfect Christmas Gift! Sennheiser Headphones

    Headphones are one of the most popular gifts this time of year and any music lover would always appreciate an upgrade. These closed, supra-aural headphones are modern and comfortable and packed with great features such as rotating ear cup, single-sided cable, excellent noise suppression and so much more.

     Small and compact the Sennheiser HD-205 headphones are great for on the road. They provide excellent sound quality and brilliant shielding of ambient noise. Features like these make them the best professional companion for DJ’s, including a convenient protective pouch for easy storage.

     The Sennheiser headphones are currently in stock and at such an affordable price you don’t want to miss out! Head over to to grab yours today.

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  8. The best companion for DJ's on the go!

    The Lucas 2K18 is a popular choice for DJ’s on the go, those who work weddings, galas, birthdays and similar events find the Lucas 2K18 is a great companion on the road. No other portable system can compare to this compact system and its ability to produce the perfect balance between soothing background music, crisp and articulate speech reinforcement, and huge dance floor-filling beats.

     With premium quality features and a newly developed 2,000-watt power amplifier this system was designed to meet the needs of DJ’s. Some other great features this PA delivers are an extremely natural, transparent and easily understandable voice reproduction, making it ideal for wedding speeches and celebratory toasts.

     As well as that the Lucas 2k also offers soft background music whenever required. For example, celebratory dinners. And for the parties the Lucas 2k calls on its superior power reserves to deliver powerful bass at high volumes all the while remain

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  9. See the New Year through with our Showtec Confetti Cannons!

    Our Showtec Confetti Cannons are perfect for events, celebrations and with New Years Eve around the corner this would be the ultimate way to celebrate. Get the room going with this simple yet effective stand alone handheld confetti cannon. Simple point and twist the base for an explosion of colour.

     Our Showtec cannons come in gold, silver and white or you can always mix the three for an awesome show. These are an affordable and fun way to see the new year through, these are ideal for small parties and as a handheld cannon you don’t have to be a professional to use them.

     You get the maximum load of confetti and streamers inside for an effective explosion, the contents are also flameproof. With an output for 8 metres these are suitable for small events and house parties.

     Head over to to o

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  10. Pre-order now! The Chauvet Cumulus.

    Great for professional performers who are into their atmospherics, The Cumulus is a low lying fog machine that creates thick clouds without the need for dry ice. The added ultrasonic agitator converts distilled water into a thin mist.

     No waiting around the unit’s fast heat up time allows quick and easy operation and fog on demand. If you’re a mobile performer and worried about damaging your equipment the Cumulus has a rugged flight case which makes transportation safe and simple and locking casters prevent accidental damage.

     As this is an investment item we do offer finance to help spread to cost over 6, 10, 12, 24 or 36 months, to apply for our finance scheme head over to This is also a Pre-Order item so secure yours now to be one of the first to get your hands on the Chauvet Cumulus. 

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