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  1. DJ Guides: Weddings

    Djing a wedding ceremony is a very specific occasion and much different to your regular gig. You have a lot to consider and getting it right can be the difference between a huge success and a massive flop, so be prepared!

    Know your music, having clear communication with the bride will help you create a plan for your set. If she has a set list of songs she wants played then stick to it, if not then remember you have to tailor your set, with this means you may not be playing music of your choice and instead you need to play songs that will get the crowd on the dance floor.

    Its important to remember that you may not be playing for your typical target audience so make sure you cater to the crowd, between the kids and the grandparents it may be difficult to find common ground but try and play something for everyone, switch up genres and time periods every now and then.

    Know your schedule, with it being a wedding its safe to start of slow, getting the

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  2. Music Management Scam: Musicians lose thousands.

    News as come fourth about a music company ‘scam’ which has left artists thousands of pounds out of pocket. From what we know management firm Band Management Universal (BMU) has offered services such as marketing, gigs and tours as well as promising artists to help secure them a recording contract but all for a massive charge, with some being up to £4,000.

    As of yet BMU, who are registered in Farringdon, London are yet to confirm or deny anything and could not be reached for comment. The company has shut down its website along with their email accounts and phones.

    One of the victims of the scam is singer Sarah Kaloczi, who paid £2,000 to BMU with the promise of being provided with services such as the ones stated above. After BMU failed to provide any of these services or a refund to Sarah and many others the company became harder and harder to contact.

    Many have said they spend hours on the phone to the head of BMU but never met with h

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  3. The RCF EVOX8 Speaker System.

    A great new addition to our product range is the Evox 8, a compact sound reinforcement system which is ideal for mobile DJs. This portable system combines the quality and reliability of RCF transducers with a very high amplification power. The system also features eight 2.0” full range transducers in the line source satellite and a deep 12” woofer in a bass reflex enclosure.

    Designed to fit perfectly into setups for live music and DJs, the unique vocal attitude and SPL make this system great for larger presentations and corporate events. The Evox 8 is also available in white, which would be excellent for weddings.

    If you’re interested in purchasing either of these systems, please head over to where you will also find a full list of features and product specifications.

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  4. Spend Easter with Gearooz.

    Spring is officially here and with Summer fast approaching its time to start preparing for the months ahead. Spring/ Summer is one of, if not the busiest time of the year and buying before summer is the best way to save on expenses. For those who are wanting to book all the wedding events for the year it can become quite expensive especially if you’re lacking the right equipment for such a specific event.

    You can save on equipment with our Easter Sale, with discounts on DJ equipment as well as lighting and effects, which are perfect for wedding venues. Make sure you keep updated so you don’t miss out on the best Easter deals. 

    Remember we are closed over the Easter weekend from Friday through Monday, but business with resume as normal on Tuesday the 3rd. 

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  5. Tips for aspiring DJs/Producers.

     Its easy to have all these goals and aspirations but the hard part is really going for it and working hard to make it happen. Everything takes time and perseverance and DJing is no different, however there are a few things that might help you along your way.

     The number one advice anyone can give is to work hard and to be determined. In the end its about how much time and effort you put into something. Whilst getting those gigs is important, practice and working towards improving on your skill will pay off in the end. I’m sure you will go through stages of not booking gigs and that’s okay as long as you use that time wisely to find your own sound, a unique sound that you can offer others.

     And with that being said finding your sound is one of the most important aspects and will most likely determine your success. It’s a competitive industry and with that means you need to stand out, creating something new and refreshing will help you

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  6. Protecting your gear: a step by step guide.

    We all know how easy it is for DJ equipment to get damaged, stolen or lost and the most likely place for that to happen is in the DJ booth, ironically the place you want to be the most. There’s all sorts of things that could go wrong, between audience members wanting to come into the booth and those who use your booth as a bar for their drinks you need to be prepared for it all.

    Here’s a quick guide to help you protect your gear.

    This may be one of the more obvious ones but you would be surprised at how many DJs carry around their kit unprotected. Get yourself a quality gigbag, this ensures that your equipment will not get scratched or damaged on your way to your gig. You can get all sorts of kit bags, many with the ability to hold your laptop, controller and other accessories all in one place.

    Checking out the venue before your gig is a great way to prepare for your setup. The last thing you need is to turn up to a job without a proper booth, you

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  7. A Guide to Different DJ Setups.

    Once upon a time DJ set ups were simple and easy, the only thing you really needed were turntables. Nowadays there are a variety of different set ups which can become overwhelming, with the addition of software for your laptop, CD decks, digital vinyl and apps amongst many other variations of equipment your choices are endless and for beginners you can get confused very easily.

    We have created guides on all sorts of equipment from DJ controllers for beginners to choosing the right microphone but before purchasing any equipment its important to know which setup you’re going for. We hope this guide on different DJ setups will help you make the right choice.

    We advise you to find out which setup best suits your needs. The price of equipment can become very expensive so its best to know exactly what you need to avoid spending money on unnecessary products.

    Let’s start with the

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  8. IKEA releases a sneak peak of their new DJ equipment range with Teenage Engineering!

    We’ve spoken briefly about the renowned Swedish brand IKEA and how their DIY furniture is a great way to build your very own DJ booth but the brand has just recently announced they have teamed up with Teenage Engineering to make their new line of DJ equipment ranging from a vinyl player, turntables, party lighting and in their words ‘everything you need to throw a good party’.

    Now we are aware that this is not a full line of professional DJ equipment but its definitely a fun new addition to the brand and for those who love to throw a party or want to get into music then the collection may be for you.

    The brands have expressed that their idea came from the spontaneity of the younger generation and how they wanted to create products that you can grab and go. The idea of gathering with friends and bringing the party wherever you go is one they wanted to work on.

    The collection will be available worldwide in February 2019, we have a little while

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  9. DJ Controllers: Beginners

    Shopping for your first DJ controller can be difficult, especially with the advances of technology making the range of controllers available wider than ever. Nowadays DJ equipment is more convenient and versatile and for those who are just starting this has its pro and cons. In a world full of ‘all-in-one’ DJ tools it can be daunting knowing which is really the right one for a beginner.

    Hopefully our recommendations will narrow the selection down, making it easier to decide on one. However, first things first, if you are starting from the very beginning you may not know exactly what a DJ controller is and what its used for.

    A DJ controller is an external device which you can connect to your computer or laptop to create your typical DJ set up. With this you can scratch, mix, create effects and use your music library which is set up on your chosen device. Thankfully technology has moved forward immensely now allowing us to combine elements such as turntable

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  10. Active vs Passive Speakers: The Basics.

    Before even thinking about going on the road with your talent its important to have the right gear, for you this could mean a variety of different things. If you’re a musician your going to need your instrument, if you’re a singer you’re going to need your mic. But one of the most important pieces of your entire collection are your speakers, to get anywhere with your talent you need your audience to hear you or your music.

    There are two different types of speakers, active and passive. Its important for all types of performers to know the difference.

    It can be quite difficult choosing which speakers to invest in, there are many different opinions on which produce better sound. Its important to know that although pas

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