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  1. Why you Should Find a Music Mentor

    If you’re new to the industry and looking to pursue a career in music then you might want to consider a mentor. This isn’t the same as a manager, for more information on a manager’s role head over to our blog. A mentor is someone you can either hire or if you have a relationship with someone within the industry you may be able to ask them for some help. They will essentially give you advice and will past their knowledge and experience onto you in order to give you a head start.

    If you are willing to spend the money to hire a mentor then it’s important you choose someone who can genuinely help you advance in your career. This means you will need to hire a mentor who has experience working within your chosen genre and for your age range. To be able to get to where you want to be a mentor will need to know the right people, places and techniques, there’s no use hiring a mentor who specialises in country music if you’re a pop artist as they will not have the right knowledge of y

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  2. Make 2019 the Year of Success!

    With 2018 drawing to an end its time to start thinking ahead to the New Year. For many the prospect of new goals and a fresh start is motivating but for some it doesn’t come so easy. The thought of having a long list of things to accomplish within a year can be stressful and the pressure to succeed can really get you down.

    I appreciate that setting goals isn’t for everyone but for those who want to give it a go this is the perfect time to go over your accomplishments of 2018, where you’re in your career and where you want to be this time next year. To help you get started here are a few things you can do to make 2019 the year of success.  

    If you’ve been setting the same goals year on year and you’re yet to achieve them then it might be time to switch things up. If it’s not working then you might need to change your mindset, try picking it apart and figuring out what you can do on a daily basis to work towards the end result.

    Take your main goal and break it

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  3. Enjoy our Christmas Sale! Up to 70% off!

    Head over to for our Christmas SALE! Enjoy discounted prices on selected items. We have a range of our favorite products on offer with up to 70% off! From speakers and DJ controllers to lighting and effects, we have everything any musician would need to start the New Year off with a bang!

    Whether you’re an experienced artist, looking to pursing music in 2019 or simply taking up a new hobby, you can find products of all skill levels for all kinds of musicians. If you have any queries or questions our team are available from the 27th to help you out, however please check out our opening times for more information. 

    Thank you again from the team for your support throughout 2018, we can’t wait to offer some new and exciting products in the New Year!


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  4. Merry Christmas from the Gearooz Team!

    It’s Christmas!

    The Gearooz team would love to say a huge thank you to our customers for their continued support! We always aim to give our customers the best service experience we can whilst providing high quality products and we hope that we have achieved that in 2018; we could not do any of it without you so please enjoy our Christmas Sale as a sign of our appreciation.

    We are excited to continue the journey with our loyal customers as well as new ones, and we hope to always deliver amazing products and experiences to you throughout 2019 and beyond.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  5. Gearooz Christmas and New Years Opening Hours

    Here are our opening hours over Christmas and the New Year!


    Saturday 22nd – Closed

    Christmas Eve – Closed

    Christmas Day – Closed

    Boxing Day – Closed

    Thursday 27th – 10am-6pm

    Friday 28th  – 10am-6pm

    Saturday 29th – Closed

     New Year’s

    New Year’s Eve – Closed

    New Year’s Day – Closed

    Wednesday 2nd – 10am-6pm

     If you have any questions or concerns over Christmas and New Years be sure to contact us within our opening hours and we will do our best to help. Our usual opening hours will return to normal on Wednesday 2nd and we are looking forward to seeing you in the New Year! 


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  6. Music Marketing Tips this Christmas

    Christmas is undoubtedly the busiest time of the year and everyone is upping their game to ensure they get to most out of their holiday marketing. Whether it’s creating festive themed music or hosting an event it’s important to be active throughout the holidays, music is huge this time of year so get out there and have fun. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you end 2018 on a high.

    Social media content is likely a big part of your marketing already but there are definitely some fun, festive things you can do to get in the spirit. Changing up your graphics is a great way to add something new to your brand this time of year, use snow, wreaths or Christmas trees throughout your social media platforms, fans love to see their favourite artists getting in the mood for Christmas.

    Create videos or do live streams throughout December, you can do Christmas themed Q&A’s or some covers of your favourite Christmas songs. Get your fans involved with your content; le

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  7. Teaching Music Independently: Pros and Cons

    After going through the pros and cons of working for a studio we wanted discuss working independently and why it may or may not be the best option for you. To put it simply if you’re teaching independently you’re basically running your own business, every part of the job is your responsibility which can be both a pro and a con. This is one of many reasons why teaching independently may or may not be the right path but we will go over the rest in the hope it will help you with your decision.

    Starting with the slightly more negative aspects of the job, as everything is under your control you will have to handle it all from paperwork to acquiring students. When you are working as part of a studio they will take care of all documentation allowing you to focus on your students however being boss will mean you have to dedicate some of your time to bookkeeping, organising paperwork as well as handling all of your expenses.

    You will be in charge of creating schedules, classr

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  8. Teaching Music for a Studio: Pros and Cons

    We’ve spoken a lot about the different job roles within the industry, one of which being a music teacher/mentor. For many teaching music is a great way to earn more money on the side whilst pursing their music and for others it’s their dream role. Teaching is also one of the more flexible roles within the industry whilst typically being able to provide quite a stable wage, which is very desirable for freelance musicians.

    Teaching can be done both independently and for a company, both have their pro’s and con’s but before going into why you may or may not want to work independently we are going to go through the positives and negatives of working within a company.

    Starting with the cons an obvious restriction when working as part of a company is lack of flexibility, as mentioned before teaching can very much be a flexible profession however when employed by someone this isn’t always the case. Studios will likely have a schedule as well as other policies, with this you

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  9. How to Avoid Annoying Followers with your Promotional Posts

    If you’re an active musician you probably have a strong presence on social media, presumably you’re following a great deal of other artists within the industry and more likely than not you’re probably bombarded with content from your fellow musicians on a daily basis. There is certainly a right and wrong way to post on social media and unfortunately if you begin to annoy your followers they will not hesitate to unfollow you.

    So how exactly are musicians meant to advertise, promote and communicate with fans without overwhelming followers and consequently see your numbers drop? Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your social media whilst still making your content enjoyable for your followers.

    The first step is to limit your posts; the last thing your followers want to see is their feed full of your content. They likely follow many other accounts and presumably would like to see their content as well as yours so keep posts limited and t

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  10. A Guide to Finishing your Songs

    We’ve all felt that spark of inspiration, your mind is flooded with new thoughts and ideas and you can’t wait to get started on a new project. Although we go through moments where we lack inspiration when we do it’s very easy to sit down and start writing every lyric or sound that comes to mind, the hardest part is seeing it through.

    The battle we have with ourselves is a difficult one when writing songs, is it good enough, is it worth finishing, do I still have that spark that I had in the beginning. Finding that motivation and belief in ourselves is vital to finishing any project and the more you do the better you get at it. Of course that much easier said than done but hopefully some of the tips will help you on your way to completely that song.

    I always encourage musicians to take note of anything that comes to mind, inspiration can go just as fast as it came so it’s important to get it all down. With that being said try to reframe from starting any new projects,

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