How do they compare?

We will be comparing battery par’s from ADJ, LEDJ and Chauvet.

With all three having the wireless feature we wanted to compare all three lines to see which the top contender is.  I will be reviewing the specs of all three products to give you my rating and recommendation.

ADJ Element Hexip Outdoor Wireless Battery Par.

With the ability for indoor and outdoor use and a battery life which sits in the middle of its competitors at 11 hours on a single colour as well as in price at £249 ADJ is definitely a great contender.  This battery par also comes with a remote control an energy saving mode and a battery charge time of 4.5 hours.

The LEDJ Rapid Wireless DMX Battery Par.

With an extended battery life to the ADJ Element at 12 hours on single colour and up to 8 hours on colour fading and chases this is definitely at the top of the list for those on a budget need a battery par capable of lasting through the long hours of performing. At £219 this is the cheapest of the three but certainly a great value for money.  To add to this the charging time is only 5 hours, great if you are strap for time. LEDJ also offer their battery par in white for a bit of variety.

Chauvet Freedom Par.

This battery par includes a Chauvet IRC-6 remote and can also be controlled from any mobile or tablet.  With the ultimate run time of up to 20 hours on single colour this machine is truly powerful however does have a recharge time of 6 hours which I feel is reasonable considering the added battery time. This product is the most expensive of the three at £299 however is a definite Gearooz recommend, if you are willing to invest in the full package then Chauvet is the one.

All three have great features and are close competitors however you cannot beat the power and strength of the Chauvet Freedom Par.