Introducing the Behringer CMD Studio 4A DJ controller, a MIDI controller suited to novice and professional DJs alike.

This four-deck MIDI controller has a built-in audio interface, six-inch touch sensitive platters, hot cues, LED feedback and has superb jog wheel performance with the supplied Deckadance software.

Featuring large jogwheels, pitch faders and eight hotcue buttons per deck, and a large and user friendly layout, this lightweight unit is portable and affordable.

The Behringer CMD controller is a durable unit that can easily be connected to multiple controller configurations that allows users to simply plug in and play. It also has a built in USB sound card that is ready to go and it is compatible with windows or OS X.

The Deckadance software application gives users everything they need to create a superb DJ set. Featuring 4 software decks, SmartKnobs that can be linked to any FX and mixer interface and GrossBeat function, which provides users with 8 FX per deck including automated stutter and scratch functions.

The Behringer CMD provides users with all the tools needed to learn the basics of DJing at an affordable price.

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