This years BPM show is celebrating a landmark ten years and with it comes a selection of exciting changes.

Following the #changeiscoming teaser, organisers Marked Events have recently announced these planned changes; a new venue, day shifts and even more focus, in addition to a few extra strategic moves.

The event will take place in September and like previous years, in Birmingham. However, for this years' 10th Anniversary event BPM and the PRO show will be fused together, creating one event, the BPM|PRO. By fusing these two shows together, both visitors and exhibitors are able to view and showcase a wider selection of cross-market products, across two distinct areas, DJ & Studio and Sound & Lighting.

The new DJ & Studio spaces will include everything in the DJ console, studio and production range. While the Sound & Lighting spaces will include everything sound and lighting related! By splitting up these sectors it allows for a much more improved visitor experience, as a result of lower noise levels and more opportunity for educational talks, whether that's in groups or one to one, direct from the manufacturers.

As a result of extensive research into previous shows, the decision was made to form a balance between customer needs and the needs of the trade professionals attending the event, moving it to a Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. This decision was made as a result of feedback from previous years where many mobile DJs and club DJs struggle to attend the Saturday event. Changing the three days for this BPM|PRO event enables it to be bought to the next generation of DJ. Therefore, the DJ & Studio areas will be open Sunday 11th and Monday 12th September, whilst the Sound & Lighting areas will open for the entire three day period, ending Tuesday 13th September.

Another significant change set to happen at this years BPM|PRO event is the venue. The new location for this years joint event will be the Genting Arena at Birmingham's NEC. The layout of the various halls in this particular venue lends itself to this newly fused event. The Genting Arena offers a fresh and exciting, new look and feel to the DJ & Studio halls and is a perfect fit-for-purpose space for the Sound & Lighting halls. This new venue, with its separate spaces, allows for much more sound separation, making the returning popular PRO Audio Demo and PA Experience that bit better.

Our very own Gear4DJs Managing Director, Olly Slator, was lucky enough to meet with Mark Walsh and the team behind this years event, at the new venue, catching an early glimpse at the changes which are already in motion.

"Wow! After meeting with Mark and his amazing team yesterday there is simply no question that change is coming! The new space is more fitting with our industry with a strong nightclub/concert feel. It offers a wide range of different zones designed with networking and learning in mind. Gear4DJs is incredibly excited to be involved with the new BPM and PRO show, which is undoubtedly the UK's number 1 DJ show. We are confident that the changes are going to attract a wider range of visitors and a brand new experience for 2016. The opportunity for learning, networking, meeting industry icons and getting hands on with a huge range of products is unbeatable."

Finally, the event hopes to build on last years Mobile DJ Zone with Pro Mobile Magasine. This particular section of the event will run for the full three day period and plans to deliver more content and learning than previous BPM and PRO events.

Tickets will be available for BPM|PRO from May 2016.

Gear4DJs Stand at BPM 2015