Brighton Fringe Festival May 6th – June 5th  2016 takes place each year and is a celebration of all things creative, inspired by local talent. The Festival is open-access and a great opportunity for new and established performers to put on their own Brighton Fringe Event. The festival also consists of workshops, mentoring and bursary programmes, in addition to shows and performances held at wide range of locations around Brighton and Hove.

2016 Brighton Fringe Festival has a record-breaking 932 shows and events, with more than 200 events free to the public.
This year the Pavilion has taken centre stage with spectacular after-dark light shows, by performance company Nutkhut. The show was a new commission for the festival and was based on the untold story of the many thousands of men who travelled from India to fight in the First World War.

More than a million men travelled from India to fight for the Allies and it is a collective of their experiences during this period as a result of letters to loved ones. The show by Dr Blighty is designed to recall and pull these experiences of soldiers and locals who cared for them. The production consists of walk-through installations, ambient soundscapes and theatrical interludes across the Royal Pavilion Estate.

Following this, for four nights, Tuesday 24th – Saturday 28th a spectacular video projection will be projected onto the Royal Pavilion, full of bright colours and visuals evoking the memories of the soldiers home country.

The Brighton Fringe Festival has just over one week left and there is still plenty more to be seen.

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