News has come about that the infamous and much photographed Brighton Wheel will being leaving the seafront this year, after almost five years.

The attraction's owners are currently on the hunt for a new location for the 45-metre wheel which has attracted more than 750,000 visitors.

Previous locations for the attraction are Copenhagen, Paris and Cape Town, with Brighton joining the list shortly, following its removal later this year.

The attraction's official last day of trading will be Sunday 8th May and will be dismantled the following day.

Following the petition launch earlier this month, just under three hundred signatures have signed in agreement to move the Brighton Wheel to Ramsgate. However, once the estimated five day dismantling period has taken place, the wheel will be transported back to storage in the Netherlands before its big move to a new location.

We have been informed that the 45-metre attraction has been forced to move on as a result of a legal agreement in which the £46.2 million i360 attraction plans to come to the city.

In the mean time, the wheel is expected to be replaced by a 300 metre long zip wire at Daltons Bastion, with additional proposals from Brighton and Hove City Council for a new attraction on the same site, “Brighton Zip”.  More details regarding this planned replacement attraction to follow.

It is unclear how much the Wheel is to be sold for, but potential bidders can learn of its price when applying to bid.

We'd love to know your thoughts on the removal of The Brighton Wheel. We know we'll miss the seafront attraction, particularly when it was all lit up at night!

How would you light up your own Brighton Wheel?

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