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  1. Tips for Making your Gear Last Longer

    So you’ve saved up and you can finally afford to invest in your first piece of equipment or that brand new guitar on the market, but how do you ensure its quality will last. Taking care of your gear is the most important part of keeping your investment in the best condition and making it last long term.

    Before going over how to take care of your gear I wanted to talk about the importance of quality. If you’re serious about making music then do not cheap out on equipment, you’ll end up spending a lot more on repairs and replacements. Save that bit more to buy a quality piece, it will last you a lot longer and save you money in the long run. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your first guitar but spending a little more will not only get you through your beginner stage but the added features mean there is space to grow into it before upgrading.

    When it comes to looking after your equipment there’s a few do’s and don’ts that will make sure your gear lasts. First off i

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  2. Evolution of Music Devices and Music Consumption Pt2

    The Walkman, created by Sony the first personal portable cassette player arrived in 1979. The invention of the Walkman only cemented the theory that music devices were becoming more portable and accessible as they continued to evolve. Although the cassette player or the ‘boombox’ introduced a more portable way of listening to music it was really the walkman that changed the way we were consuming our music. Not only could consumers take their walkman everywhere they went but with two headphone jacks it allowed people to listen with a friend. As sales of the Walkman continued to rocket with cassettes outselling the vinyl in 1983, other models were soon put on the market such as the Discman and the Mp3 player.

    The first CD came in the 1980’s, the most popular being ABBA’s The Visitors. Along with the CD the first CD player became available which was released in 1982. CD’s were huge and over 200 billion were sold worldwide which saw the decline of the cassette tape and cassette

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  3. Evolution of Music Devices and Music Consumption Pt1

    The way we consume music is constantly evolving and has done so at a rapid rate in the last 10+ years due to the amazing development in technology and the rise of companies such as Apple. The way we prefer to listen to music has influenced where we are today in music technology, we want convenience; we want to be able to listen to music whenever and wherever.

    So how did we get to where we are today? And how have we influenced technology over time?

    Let’s start with Thomas Edison; with the invention of the phonograph in 1877 music consumption was completely transformed. People were only able to listen to their favorite music at the theatre, concert or at home with their own instruments. There had been previous attempts at recording music before this invention; Leon Scott de Martinville’s phonautograph invented in 1857 could record however the phonograph was the first device which was capable of recording and playing back music.

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  4. Social Media Tips: Facebook (How to use it efficiently)

    For our next installment of our social media tips series we will be going over Facebook and how you can use it to better promote yourself or your band. Although one of the biggest social media platforms Facebook is also one of the oldest, making it a little behind the rest when it comes to promotion and advertising. It is not absolutely essential that you have a Facebook page for yourself or your band; you can get enough engagement through other platforms. However if you want to try and reach as many people as possible or you’re an avid Facebooker then there are a few things you can do to use it to its full advantage.

    The great thing about Facebook is that you’re able to build a small community of loyal, supportive fans rather than having thousands of followers who never engage with your content. The difference with this platform compared to others is that it’s much less about followers and likes; it’s more about engaging with each other and building strong relationships wit

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  5. What Makes DAS Audio a Worthy Competitor? - DAS Audio Event!

    DAS Audio has been committed to the development of professional sound products for the last 40 years, acquiring valuable knowledge of the development and manufacture of sound reinforcement systems, DAS has been recognized for their incredibly high quality products all over the world. DAS Audio has continued to work hard to provide their customers with innovation and the production of some of the best sound systems on the market.

    With a huge team of highly qualified professionals and state of the art technology the company is able to complete extremely ambitious projects to ensure customers are delivered the best sound reinforcement. We are lucky enough to be able to offer our own customers the chance to get a hands on experience with their products at our DAS Audio event in December.

    Register now to be a part of the event and receive exclusive deals and discounts on hundreds of products, complimentary drinks, free entry and parking as well as an interactive seminar a

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  6. Tips for Selling/Donating your Gear

    Buying equipment whether that is your first or not it’s a big investment, one many of us save up for. So when it comes to selling your prized possession it’s not one that comes easy, but sometimes it’s necessary whether you’re updating your gear, in need of some extra cash or simply moving on from music. Here are a few tips when it comes to considering to selling, in the hope you don’t make the wrong decision.

    Firstly you need to consider whether your reason is logical or not, if you’re getting an upgrade or the item is no longer usable then it’s a good idea to part ways but if you just need some cash or think you’ll never play music again then there might be something else you should do. Ultimately you need to be absolutely sure you will no longer need your instrument and that the cash (as little as it is) is worth the loss.

    Unless you have a gem on your hands chances are you won’t get a shed load of cash for it so it might be worth holding onto it just in case you

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  7. Social Media Tips - Twitter

    Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms alongside Instagram, for musicians it’s an important part of your marketing. In our third installment of our social media tips series we are going to go over some of the things you can do on Twitter to expand your brand and business.

    At this point you might be thinking that all platforms are the same and as long as I regularly update it then that’s enough. The problem is that these are not the same and every single one is used differently for different purposes and it’s important you understand them in order to use them to their full potential.

    The difference with Twitter is that it’s very much a discussion based platform, whereas Instagram is much more visual. Twitter is where you can communicate with fans, contact other professionals and market your brand. The main feature being the thread system which allows users to discuss topics with a huge community of people.

    This leads me onto my first point; mak

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  8. Music Journalism - Tips for your First Interview

    Music journalism is one of the more interesting roles within the industry. The most exciting part is the prospect of interviewing musicians especially high profile ones. Of course being a journalist is not just about glamorous events and meeting your idols, but we will get into that another day.

    Doing your first interview is extremely daunting no matter who you end up sitting down with. Hopefully we can help you get over those initial nerves with some tips and tricks so that you can relax and enjoy your first interview.

    In all of our interview tips whether it’s for an industry role, your first press interview or an artist interview, in every single situation you must always research and prepare for the job in every way you can. In this case you need to focus on learning what you can about the musician or influencer you’re interviewing, their latest endeavors and their journey through the industry, whatever it may be get to know them before you go in.

    On a sim

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  9. Social Media Tips - Instagram (How to get more followers)

    Instagram is one of the most popular platforms available, making it one of the hardest ones to grow a substantial following on. Unlike Spotify Instagram targets every kind of consumer, you don’t have to be a music enthusiast to use Instagram because it also provides us with travel, fashion, art and sport, anything you can think of its on Instagram. This makes it tougher to stand out amongst the crowd, photos are better, content is richer, it’s much harder to be original on a platform that has done it all.

    With that being said it does not mean it’s impossible to build your own community on Instagram, it just takes passion and determination. Here are a few things that may help you grow your following on such a huge platform.

    Although your ideas may not be completely original (whose are these days), you are original. Tell your story; use your photos and captions as well as your Instastories to let audiences in on your journey in the music industry. The difference with I

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  10. Tips for Managing Stress Whilst in the Music Biz

    The music industry is known for being particularly difficult, countless amounts of musicians struggle with the pressures and expectations that come with working in the business. Many end up giving up which is completely understandable due to demands of being an aspiring musician but if you are determined to make it through and make it a livable career here are a few tips to help you out.

    It’s natural to find inspiration in others especially in a creative industry, we aspire to be our greatest role models and that’s great but it’s important not to put pressure on yourself to be on the same level at least not as a beginner. This is much easier said than done, we can’t help but compare ourselves and feel our work isn’t good enough. The problem with this is that it can seriously damage your career, any motivation or inspiration to write and play will disappear.

    As long as you continue to make the music you want to make and work hard to get it heard then you do not need t

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