Chauvet DJ has finally announced the release of their new Kinta FX, a compact 3-in-1 effect light suitable for any DJ.

The Kinta FX combines laser, LED derby effect and SMD strobe, creating an impressive selection of colour beams, movement, pattern and strobing. This compact mulit-effect lighting unit features 7.5W red, green, blue and white LEDs, projecting down concise multi-colour beams, all as a result of the LED derby. These effects are then combined with an SMD strobe with 5W white LEDs and a dual-colour laser, thus creating hundreds of beams and eye catching chases.

As a result of the units 3-in-1 displays, this new lighting unit from Chauvet DJ is well-suited to the mobile DJ, who require compact lighting with multipurpose effects. The unit can easily be incorporated into mobile light shows, as a single unit or multiple units power-linked together.

To improve this new Chauvet DJ lighting unit, users can control the Kinta FX in a range of operational modes. In DMX mode 2- and 9- channel settings can be accessed, enabling users to choose between basic lighting control and much more in-depth and creative light shows. The Kinta FX's built-in light programs and its sound-to-light mode is the ideal feature for users with limited DMX knowledge. In addition, for those wanting to use multiple Kinta FX and Mini Kinta IRC units, Master/Slave configuration can be used for an exciting, coordinated show.

The Kinta FX can also be controlled wirelessly with Chauvet DJ's IRC-6 remote controller.

To pre-order the Chuavet DJ Kinta FX please visit: