Lights are a feature of any event and choosing the right ones is extremely important. Par cans are a staple of stage lighting and although basic they can produce some fantastic effects. They can be used in large numbers to illuminate venues, and they come in a variety of sizes.

Gearooz has launched its new range of RWGB LED par cans and this collection features three par cans: The FuturePar Birdie, FuturePar Classic and the FuturePar Eco+. The collection is extremely versatile but each par can has its unique and individual features.

The FuturePar Birdie includes 12x 1W RGBW LEDS for a combined 12W colour output; it has dimmer capability, produces vibrant colour choices and has 7 DMX channels. All of these features allow users to conduct their own synchronised light show and make it a suitable choice for a travelling DJ who wants to achieve wall washing or uplight a venue.

The FuturePar Classic features 186 x 10mm RGBW LEDS and includes a 4-button LCD control panel on the rear. It also has DMX capabilities and its bright colours give flexibility to users. It is an affordable fixture that is suited to any mobile DJ and will make a great accompaniment to an existing setup.

The FuturePar Eco+ has high quality colour mixing functions thanks to its 18x 1W RGBW LEDS. It is a tad more expensive than the others however, it is a more powerful option out of the three and it includes 3 operational modes including DMX, master, and slave control that can be initiated using voice control.

Like the whole range the FuturePar Eco+ has a smooth dimming function and the settings and colour options can be manually entered through the rear control display.  A simple and effective choice for a DJ the Eco+ is suited to a permanent install as it has high power and rich colour.

All the FuturePars come with a bracket enabling users to pick and choose where they place their fixture and utilising the effects anywhere they want. They combine affordability and aesthetics into one packing and they are considered a must-have for any bar, club and mobile DJ.

Enhancing your show is a priority and these compact and portable fixtures are the perfect way to do just that. All the fixtures are compact and portable and they can be easily added to any lightshow giving DJs the ultimate creative freedom and flexibility and maximising their stage presence. Which one will you choose?