Holiday Gift Guide for DJ’s and Performers - Main Gifts

 After previously posting a Stocking Filler gift guide we are now giving you a collection of our favourite products that we think would be awesome gifts to give this year. This gift guide contains the larger items that you would traditional put under the tree.

 Let’s get started!

 Chord Linden Ukulele’s

 These are an amazing and unique gift to give a musician who is looking to learn how to play a new and interesting instrument. We have a huge range of beautiful colours and these quality ukuleles would be a very trendy gift.

 Numark Professional DJ Headphones

 For our Stocking Stuffer gift guide, we included some in Ear headphones, great for those bedroom DJ’s. However, for our main gift guide we are including a professional set of headphones perfect for artists and DJ’s.

 Numark MixTrack Pro Controller

 A very special gift for an aspiring DJ or a great for someone in need of an upgrade. From the worlds leading innovator of DJ equipment this controller offers a whole host of features so that the artist can have ultimate creativity.

 ADJ Element Par Can packages

 The ultimate lighting gift for a true performer. We offer these in a range of different packages from 4 to 32 at different price points. This is the most expensive product in the gift guide and would be a very special gift for that special someone. If you are looking to buy for a professional performer, then these par cans would be a great choice and would add that extra element to any show.

 GPO Ambassador Turntable

 Turntables have and still are an extremely popular gift for the music lover. The GPO turntables are some of the best on offer and are of amazing quality, with the briefcase style exterior this is a very stylish music player. Anyone who has a great love for music will truly appreciate this gift.

 That’s all for this years Gift Guides, we hope this helped you in your search for the perfect Christmas gifts. Remember if you have any questions about any of the products featured on the blog or online you can always get in touch via live chat or phone.

 Have a very merry Christmas!

From the Gearooz Team.