The Jamesport is an updated version of the Supro electric solid body guitar. The classic elegance of the 1960’s much loved Ozark body shape and the incredible sound of the original pick has been enhanced with and ultra fast neck, tune o matic bridge and updated wave tailpiece. Making this guitar the perfect mixture of modern and old school style, an updated look with an authentic sound.

 The Supro Jamesport features a Gold Foil pickup which is a faithful reproduction of the original magnetics developed for Valco Ralph Keller in the early 1950’s. These pickups produce a massive, broadband sound with remarkably low noise for a single-coil design.

 The Jamesport boasts many amazing features some new and improved yet still keeping some of the original features found in the classics. Intended for those who need a guitar capable of handling most genres, the Jamesport can cover a wide range of sounds from blues, funk, rock and jazz. Ideal for those who want to upgrade yet still keep want to keep with the vintage style.

 These guitars along with the Island Series represent the rebrand of Supro as a stringed instrument manufacturer. If your interested in trying these new and improved products for yourself head over to