The CS1000 vs the Evolve 50 vs the ES1203, how do they compare?

With so many line array speakers on the market how do possibly choose one. We are going to be doing all the hard work for you and weigh up the pros and cons as well as studying customer reviews in order for you to make the best decision.

Starting with the Vertus CS1000.

The entire system including the top and link pole fits into the subwoofer for ease of transport. So if you are a mobile performer or in need of a system that is easy to transport this may be the one for you. As previously stated in a recent review this speaker is compact, lightweight and sturdy making for a piece of equipment that can be integrated into the most delicate of decors. If you work within a small space and need a speaker that can fit into your set up the CS1000 is a great choice, another pro for travelling performers.

A storage compartment is provided within the subwoofer to safely secure both the speaker and its supplied mounting pole for storage and transport. A locking system holds all of the equipment in place. 

Some reviews of the system, “not only is it compact but the sound is just amazing for such a small system” “It’s quick and easy to set up and amazing to watch the faces of the crowd as if to say where’s all that sound coming from”. And at £2.738 it definitely is worth the money.

The Evolve 50

This latest product from EV combines stunning sleek looks with unmistakable EV clarity and power in a compact line array speaker design. This speaker is undoubtedly powerful so if you do not have to compromise for size and looking for something that can pack a punch then the Evolve will certainly empress. With its sleek and robust design it can be set up within seconds, great for performers who need to save time. If you are truly looking to make an impact on your crowd the brand new Evolve 50 is definitely for you. At £1699 it sits just under the Vertus and with its wireless control it’s a great buy.

The dB Technologies ES1203

The enclosure, sturdy and stylish, is made of plywood coated with a durable scratch-resistant black coat, which makes it truly road-ready. The magnetic dolly DO-ES1203 makes transporting the system quick and easy.  Sitting in the middle of the three at £1899 it may be an alternative choice for those on a budget. It’s an elegant, unobtrusive look which perfectly fits permanent installations.

Although it seems all these products boast great features if you are looking for an investment the Vertus is an incredible system with unmistakable power. The Evolve 50 is simple, sleek and will look great in any set up whilst providing amazing sound, perfect for those who need a system to work with their fast paced events. I think it’s the best value for money on the list.