Daft Punk have recently launched their own pop-up shop and line of merchanise in Maxfield’s Gallery space in West Hollywood.

The artistic duo have teamed up to create official merchandise with designer brands Enfants Riches Deprimes, Gosha Rubchinskyi and Off-White.

Enfants Riches Deprimes is the punk-influenced unisex brand created by Henry Levy. The name translates as the French for “depressed rich kids” and the label's apparel features vintage-style Daft Punk band tops and leather jackets inscribed with “Daftendirekt” from their debut album, ‘Homework’.

Alongside the merchandise there will also be displays of their iconic props, outfits, artwork, photography, and robot helmets in the store.

The pop-up shop has promised to be unlike any other that’s come before it and has concided with their performance at this yea'rs Grammy Awards. The shop will be open from February 11th-19th.

Daft Punk have posted a video tour of inside their exclusive pop-up shop.